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EU elections: Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders 'on track to form ...

This May 1, as since 1988, the National Front has the advantage parade of Arc Jeanne Roberts to address its political message. This year, it was to galvanize its activists to dplacent mass on May 25th. "Do not dcevez me and go vote. Make your patriotic duty. This is a crucial appointment, many more than there parat. This is the time to consider the European Union "and" stop words ", has launched the prsidente FN, in a speech pronounced three quarters of an hour in the pouring rain.

While traditionally EUROPEAN are somewhat favorable vote the extreme right, Marine Le Pen this year feels that there is a stroke play. Last week, a CSA poll for Nice-Matin and BFMTV plaait his party head of the vote (24%) to the UMP (22%) and PS (20%).

D'o NtRTIs hammering this message of mobilization: "Refrain is turn back to France (…) Each of us must convince his friends and family vote. "Especially as the campaign for the elections is very short and that the parties of the right and left mneront minimal campaign. In this context, the National Front had on Thursday a golden opportunity to get his message. You must check the following to read extra about this interesting topic.