Isis wants to kill Pope Francis, according to the Ambassador to the Vatican.2014.09.17. // Uncategorized

"The Pope is in grave danger, State Islamic terrorists want to kill him. But I ask him to Baghdad, we will protect it. "  To report it in an interview with the nation is the Iraqi Ambassador in Vatican Habeeb m. h. Al Sadr, confirming what has already been stated a few days ago through the Messenger. The diplomat shows no doubt that Bergoglio remains among the potential target of jihadists that, after the third decapitation within just a month, are sowing terror across the world. Pope Francis could be struck in one of his apostolic journeys, "but also risks remaining runs to Rome," says Al Sadr. A few days ago had been the Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano, to support in a policy statement in the House that one of the objectives of the "Islamic State there is the West, and all that it represents in symbols, culture and politics. Therefore also the Italy ". The next trips that the Pontiff held abroad are those on Sunday in Albania and Turkey later this month. "I think we might try to kill him during one of his trips abroad, but also in Rome. We are members of Isis who are not Arabs, but Canadians, Americans, French, English, Italian, too, says the Ambassador. Terrorists, a "band of criminals" moved from the only "law or convert or you are entitled to death", are not isolated in Iraq or in Syria, according to the Iraqi Ambassador.  "We cannot rule out an attack in Europe or America-continues To Sadr have Western passports and then Isis could recruit these fighters to carry out a terrorist act in European countries". The Vatican downplayed the warning, saying it had received "credible reports to a real threat to the life of the Pope," and that the Pope, then, will review the program of his visit to Albania. "Turn on his white jeep discovery, as usual," assures the Vatican press spokesman father Federico Lombardi, according to which "If the question is whether there are specific threats, the answer is no." Also confirmed the trip to Turkey on 29 and 30 September, with dual stage in Istanbul and the capital Ankara. .

Lazio, heterologous fertilization, green light but it still lacks the deal on tickets.2014.09.17. // Uncategorized

The ball goes to the meeting of Aldermen to health regions will be held on 24 September: it will then be decided on single ticket also Latium national (police station) the applicher heterologous fertilization, whose guidelines have been implemented yesterday by an ad hoc decision. An act that follows the outline drawn up by the Conference state region and follows the model adopted from Tuscany. ORDER of CHAOS Into provvedimento-explained yesterday morning the Governor Nicola Zingaretti-purposely not shown on level of participation by citizens because at this time we are discussing in Rome at the headquarters of Veneto region the inter-regional technical group with the goal of getting to define a proposal only applies in all regions and avoid the tariff chaos that is occurring. We close an absolute uncertainty phase, and real chaos, which lasted years. And last night the black smoke of the technical table, indeed why would meanwhile gray reached an agreement regarding the rates to be applied for the methodology, but not on spending by the sharing of pairs that require it. Referring, precisely at the meeting next week. The average cost of Heterologous etc,

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Chi kwong Clifford CHAN, who later this month as the Chief Financial Officer will leave the company, said that the vast part of cash and cash equivalents in Hong Kong and China had been transferred. It is now No more "in the sphere of influence of the company". Remained a "larger six-digit euro amount" are the German holding company headquartered in Cologne, Germany, so that the company can currently meet their payment obligations in the usual way. Ultrasonic cash reserves reported 100 million euros last year. The ultrasonic AG, founded in 2011 in Cologne, is the German holding company, a Chinese producer and provider of brand shoes. The company employs almost 1500 people and specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of shoes, boots, sandals and accessories for the growing Chinese middle class; "China’s fastest-growing consumer group with an enormous purchasing power". 2012, ultrasonic had achieved a pre-tax profit of EUR 41.8 million with a total turnover of 149,0 million euros. This corresponds to an annual growth rate in the past three years by more than 30 percent. While simple parts in Fujian were produced, ultrasonic bought higher-quality shoes. .

Beer WINS: Jock? Englishman? Anyway, beer is beer!.2014.09.16. // Uncategorized

When the old, toothless man at karaoke at the microphone, there was in the room no stopping: frenetically, the sex pistols roared those present during the man agreed on my way with a fragile voice, in the punk version however, not as solid as in Frank Sinatra. All was clear: the evening had reached his emotional peak. There were already five Boozed hours in the hole I’ the WA’ behind us, one of the oldest pubs in the Scottish Dumfries. Hours, where we us from Hun invaders accepted members of the pub community, well: high have been drinking. Once again showed himself on the evening: little more than the common beer connects people. Actually my wife and I wanted to take only one or two drinks to us, then, tired from a long day of travel, to fall into the beds. After we the hole I’ the WA’ had entered, even that seemed Too much. We felt, as we were bounced in the middle of a very private party. A large group of women who blared drinking songs with full fervor sat in one corner of the pub. The melody so wrong as the teeth in her teeth still sparsely populated. In the other corner, clearly in the minority, a few men tried in vain with her sang arts to argue. What, they were greeted by women with scorn and derision. .

Tax evasion: multinationals in the viewfinder of the OECD.2014.09.16. // Uncategorized

The large manoeuvres begin concretely. Five days of the meeting of Finance Ministers of the G20, Cairns (Australia), the Organization for Cooperation and economic development (OECD) publishes its first recommendations to combat harmful tax practices of multinationals. A load for the Ministers to endorse them before their respective heads of State and Government at the Summit of the G20 of Brisbane in November. The great silversmiths of the G20 will have on their table a first set of proposals that the OECD has developed for more than a year. There are 7 (3 reports and 4 recommendations). They will be followed by eight others by the end of next year. All have only one goal: eradicate tax optimization strategies too aggressive multinationals allowing them to evade tax. At the expense of national budgets. Under the aegis of the G20, the OECD wants to impose the tax where the true creation of wealth by multinational enterprises. "Most emblematic recommendations is the result of a consensus on the duty, to come, for the multinationals to the reporting country by country," said Pascal Saint-Amans, the Director of the centre of policy and fiscal administration of the OECD. Each shall provide to the IRS that it depends on its turnover, profits, its taxes paid, its taxes it must and not yet paid, the number of employees and the amount of its assets. All country by country where it has subsidiaries. All the tax administrations concerned will have access to these data. Another agreement: multinational enterprises will not be able to locate in tax havens the intellectual property of their products and the income thereof. The goal is to ensure that the benefits associated with the transfer and utilization of intangible assets are properly weighted according to value creation. .

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The French is and remains a living language. This means that the language is changing, whether under pressure from internal or external influences. This isn’t they imported terms it will keep the French language alive. The problem come from the fact that the France is no longer a country of innovation, this recently and is imported by francophones multilingual. Unfortunately for purists we equate moment anglophone culture just as we have treated others in the past. But the francization process does change anything, done that build up words in the dictionary. Words that are not or little used by the french. And in fact will soon more french words. In summary, this is retrograde, it deals with the French as a dead language. However the French remains alive, and these are the ones who speak who do live and evolve. If the enarques and the immortals to have their word has said should be there or the French is evolving and not currently publish decrees in the OJ of the years after that evolution has occurred. .

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2. Bundesliga, FC St. Pauli: the German Football Federation has initiated against coach Thomas Meggle from FC St. Pauli a procedure. The coach is invited on Tuesday to an opinion. These must be up Wednesday at the DFB, confirmed the FC St. Pauli. In his debut as coach of second division was MEGGLE referred the hamburger in the game last Sunday against 1860 Munich (1:2) on the Grandstand and had delivered it to a war of words with the fourth arbiter. Also he should have hit the official with the elbow. A lock threatens MEGGLE. Since Hamburg already must compete Aue Ore mountains on Friday at the second division bottom FC, a decision of the DFB Control Committee is expected in time to the game. MEGGLE has misjudged his reaction as exaggerated and regarded it as a border. Tennis, Metz: tennis player Tobias Kamke has reached the knockout stage of the ATP tournament in Metz. On Tuesday, the 28 year-old Lübeck won his opening match against the French Qualifikanten Kenny de SCHEPPER 6-3, 7-6 (7-5). In the next round of the Halle tournament worth 485 760 euros, it gets to do Kamke either Florent Serra (France) or the Belgian David Goffin, used to position eight. The world rankings-97. Kamke got off to a shaky start and was in the first round against the 27-year old de SCHEPPER quickly 3-1 back. But with five game winning successively Kamke clinched yet the first set. In the tiebreak of the second pass, the Lübeck turned his third ball of the match to 1:42 hours after all. Benjamin Becker (Orscholz) in Metz was eliminated on Monday, Germany’s number has also a bye as the French Davis Cup player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (No. 1) and Gael Monfils (No. 2) one Philipp Kohlschreiber (Augsbug/No. 3) in the first round. Jan-Lennard Struff (Warstein) intervenes in the tournament on Wednesday against Dusan Lajovic (Serbia). 2. Bundesliga, TSV 1860 Munich: The current Director of football second division club TSV 1860 Munich wants to forward temporarily the Club as the Emergency Board. The Court in Munich were Instead of the request that officials President Gerhard Mayrhofer and Treasurer Heinz Schmidt first can remain on their posts, as the club announced on Tuesday. In July the District Court Munich I gave quite Helmut Kirmaier Club member, who had appealed against the election of the Executive Board. At that time, the judge decided that the election on a technicality is not valid. In August of this year the Association then announced To want to go against the judgment in appeal. With the decision of the Court is only assured that Mayrhofer and Schmidt could present all formal steps, which are necessary because the Kirmaier lawsuit, TSV explained. How long the Emergency Board appointed to stay, the club wanted to announce Not yet. Football in the Netherlands: the former striker Marco van Basten has resigned as coach of Dutch football first division side AZ Alkmaar. The stress had become Too much to him, justified this step the 49-year-old in Alkmaar on Tuesday. He will remain as an Assistant to the Club. Working as a head coach has caused increasingly physical and mental problems with me, said the former Dutch national coach. His previous Assistant Alex Pastoor is coach of the Dutch national champion of 2009. The Club Chief Earnest Stewart announced that van Basten should in future concentrate on the development of talent in the Club. For about three years he suffered from the heavy burden said van Basten, who was also coach of Champions Ajax Amsterdam and the SC Heerenveen after his active career. He long tried to deal with the great stress, I took classes and talking to experts. I’ve worked hard. After the death of his father in the summer he had suffered stress-related according to media reports from heart problems. Tennis, Tokyo: Two days after her tournament victory in Hong Kong, Sabine Lisicki lost her opening match in Tokyo. 24, number three of the German ranking and number 24 in the world, defeated Australian Casey Dellacqua with 7-6 (7-5), 5-7, 6-2. At its own 7:6, 5:4 guidance Lisicki hit the match, but conceded the break to 5-5 and gave to the 5:7-set loss again their serves. In the third round, then No more A lot of them showed resistance, Dellacqua converted her first match point after two and a half hours. Is the Berliner in Wuhan next week, then it goes to Beijing. The tournament schedule was not affected by the earthquake of magnitude 5.6, that had rocked Tokyo at noon. Here, just a great earthquake, tweeted Lisicki was shortly before their match: I’m glad that I’m not in the hotel, where all lifts have failed. The laughing smiley behind the tweet seemed a bit out of place. Basketball, EM: nothing more in the way is the participation of Dirk Nowitzki in the basketball European Championships 2015. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, the NBA superstar has granted the release. The sport Bild reported this. The Würzburger Yes replied to a question after the permission to return to the national team. Nowitzki (36) played last 2011 at the European Championships in Lithuania for the selection of the German basketball Federation (DBB). Two years ago, Cuban had prevented yet Nowitzkis release. The DBB team to its preliminary round games in Berlin is at the European Championships next year. The final round takes Instead of in Lille/France. The tournament involves Nowitzkis goal qualifying for Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro -. The 2011 NBA Champion has played 141 times in his career. His biggest success in the national team was winning the bronze medal at the World Championships in 2002. Baseball, EM: The German national team has missed a surprise in their fourth game at the Baseball Championships in Regensburg and the Czech Republic. The selection of the German baseball and Softball Association was defeated by defending champion Italy on Monday evening 1:5. Before 1711 spectators, Germany got off to a good start. US professional Maik Ehmcke sent with his strike in the second pass of teammate Luke summer in the 1:0-guide home. The favored Italians, for that was the former professional MLB player Alex Liddi, but soon had the right answer ready: four and five the European champions turned the game with five points in the innings. The German team must now win the final preliminary round game against Sweden on Tuesday evening (7: 00) to move into the final round in Brno, Czech. FC Bayern, Champions League: Followers of Bayern Munich in an open letter to the European Football Union (UEFA) have protested against the lockout at the match of the Champions League on September 30 at ZSKA Moskau. The encounter is a ghost game, UEFA sanctioned for the racist behaviour of the followers of ZSKA Moskau. In ignorance of the lockout many followers of the German record master had booked apparently immediately set travel after the draw to Moscow. The punishment of innocent fans not only violates the values of Fair Play, but destroys the basis for the joint commitment of fans, clubs and UEFA in the fight against racism and discrimination, one of the largest fan associations of FC Bayern now writes the Club 12. In addition, he invited UEFA representatives for a joint interview before the Champions League game on Wednesday against Manchester City (20 45 / ZDF and sky). .

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The relationships between Al-Qaeda and the ‘Islamic State’ (IS), who has proclaimed a "caliphate" in parts of Iraq and Syria, are complicated. Summary: You are in dispute with each other, fighting each other and compete with each other. The Qaeda headquarters headed by Ayman al-Zawahiri in the remote Pakistan Afghanistan border area has not expressed also therefore long to the events in Syria and in the Iraq. Today but two Qaeda branches have done exactly that: the branch in the Arabian peninsula (AQAP) and those in North Africa (AQIM) jointly request the "brothers" in Iraq and Syria to unity in the face of the "Satanic Alliance" from the United States and allies. The is noteworthy for three reasons. Firstly, AQAP and AQIM have never before published a joint communiqué. Secondly, because the two branches are calling for something – that is not longer Each other like – kill "Brothers" in Iraq and Syria, which currently do not can request Aiman al-Zawahiri, because he has the stature to do this No more. (The statement is also a reflection of the fact that the Qaeda headquarters is A little bit suspended in the moment.  The branches but lead a life of their own. ) And thirdly, because the Caliphate nor Dschbhat al-Nusra; mentioned in the Declaration the Qaeda cadres To want so anyone bump to the head and not even related party. This is Dschabhat al-Nusra since the dispute with the de facto the Syria branch of Al Qaeda’s – heard IS so theoretically to their team. But if you believe the tenor of the letter, yes the unit in the face of the enemy is the most important anyway. The fighters in the Iraq and Syria would be now be so, To find the colleagues from the peninsula and the Maghreb. I don’t know whether the holy warriors in the Iraq and Syria were now just waiting. The reactions in the jihadist part of the Internet were at least slightly euphoric. Or let’s say: less euphoric than the sender is probably hoped. The relationships are so complicated.  But the present communiqué and earlier opinions from the environment by AQAP and AQIM suggest that there are more sympathizers for the Caliphate project within the branches as at Qaeda’s headquarters. It will be so important to keep this development in mind. We come to a further point, which seems notable to me. In the text the two stores calling namely all cronies on the Arabian peninsula, and in the States that are part of the "Satanic Coalition" to oppose this and their "collaborative Governments" with "all legal means". An am shop quotation, with whose help the permissibility of killing of Americans is Once again emphasized is found in the text. The branches also make it their concerns, to attack the United States and its allies and partners in the region due to its intervention in the Iraq (and maybe soon in Syria). This can have consequences – consequences such as attacks on embassies, etc. To summarize: the communiqué of AQAP and AQIM is not a completed event. It is part of a trend where it is still unclear how she will continue. Basically, there are three ways: Al-Qaeda and IS remain enemies. Al-Qaeda and IS unite; Al-Qaeda and IS To find a mode of Vivandi. .

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When it is in opposition, after having ruled, and when we aspire to govern by requesting the dissolution of the National Assembly, it takes its responsibilities, launches the Prime Minister to the president of the UMP group. It is not enough, Mr Jacob, to the exegesis of the debates within the Socialist Party, tackle the head of Government, that replicates: I remind you that a few months ago, there were two groups UMP in this House! François Hollande will go to the end of its mission. [. . . ] It is not steals before difficulties. [. . . ] Mr Jacob, when requesting the dissolution of the Assembly, it weakens institutions, and Yes, it weakens the France. Judging Manuel Valls politically in the position of a president of the Council of the Fourth Republic and a head of Government who knows that he could be outvoted at any time during the budget session, the president of the UMP group said: as soon as your reappointment late August, we understood that you were identified, given the presence of Christiane Taubira in a meeting of the revolts of the PS in La Rochelle and saw the intervention of Martine Aubrywhich has defied your authority. We lower the tax burden. A first step has been accomplished towards over four million households in September and we will continue it in 2015. Six million households will be affected by the drop in the income tax, says Manuel Valls. Survey conducted by internet on 10 and 11 September with a 976 people, representative sample of the French population aged 18 years and older. The quota method. Politically and economically, Valls is archaic. He took Blair and Schröder solutions that do more work, says Pascal Chase Parisian members of the micro Jean-Jacques Bourdin on RMC. It was part of the 11 Socialists to be refrained during the vote of confidence on April 8 and should make the same choice today.   The Socialist Group, after the expulsion of Thomas Thévenoud, now has 289 members and is exactly the absolute majority of the 577 deputies. But this figure has no great significance, because we must add the radical left and the elect left-miscellaneous, and in contrast to evade its Socialists. .

Can the BVB Japanese of reus replace? -Klopp enjoys to gamble good: why Kagawa comeback is so dangerous.2014.09.13. // Uncategorized

They have rejected their original plan in Dortmund. The sense of normality was BVB coach Jürgen Klopp returnees Shinji Kagawa actually mediate, slowly lead him up to the first team and the once famous form, which has made the Japanese the audience favorite in Dortmund. Moreover, that Kagawa has hardly played in the last two years. Only 14 compulsory bets about 90 minutes are available in the statistics of the Japanese. Also warns Klopp: one cannot expect that he is just as good as in his best game two years ago. In a test match against the own U23 scored a goal – the gate dangerous playmaker right away again but the climate in Dortmund can be really so good that Kagawa plays high level Right away again on constant, when he spent two years did not do this? Screaming fans, a gaggle of Japanese television crews – Kagawa is in Dortmund since his return celebrated like a pop star. No question: The expectation is huge. On the Sütribüne, they have not forgotten Kagawa shine services in the seasons 2010/11 and 2011/12. And: Kagawa name associated with titles. Two league titles and a victory in the DFB-Pokal fall into the midfield Regency of the Japanese. .