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GROSSETO-traces of carbon monoxide were detected in three cylinders used by Umbrians died while diving the Islands Ants of Grosseto on 10 August. Similar traces were also found in the blood of three. This is what we learn about the inspections arranged by prosecutors in Grosseto which investigates deaths. It remains now to understand how it was possible that the tank contained carbon monoxide: If the problem involved the loading equipment or oxygen if it was human error, if land has occurred, in diving, or if the cylinders may have been charged on board the vessel with which the divers had gone to ants. Why would require further investigative activity. To date only investigated by the Prosecutor of Grosseto, had to act-but it is not impossible that other people may be involved, is the head of the Abc of Talamone diving, I had made available the cylinders. His lawyer, Richard Laura, will present now an instance to carry out inspections on all 30 seized from prosecution cylinders, not only on those of the dead, and even on computers that the three victims had on your wrist for diving. Inspirational facts could be found reading the following blog.

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A Rentrée en fanfare? Not really. But despite the downward revision of the Government on its growth forecasts and the censorship of wise men on the relief of employee contributions, François Holland drives the nail and promises "to accelerate reforms". Result a number of announcements in the newspaper Le Monde, which react readers of le Figaro. Firstly: commentators do not react all in the same way to this media release: "why does he persist in the same type of reforms? ” Those he defends two years were not used to much", questioned Wave3. «Should be explain that accelerate when it is in neutral, it is useless,» quips EK. Karamba proves more defeatist: "he may agitate its small wings, the president definitively sealed the morale of the French. Now the people do more listening, he noted the scale of the disaster. "To avoid the censorship of the Constitutional Council on the contribution of employees fall, the Government will launch two major reforms to replace the original project. The objective of the first? "Make fairer and simpler tax on the income scale." The second provides for the merger of the employment (PPE) bonus and the RSA activity in order to "promote the resumption of the work and improve the compensation of precarious employees." Tit does not believe in this solution: "two nudges tax for employees and a big punch in the stomach of the middle class. Soon, it will no longer recover from this determination. "" The Covenant of responsibility has been retoqué, because contrary to equality between social categories. ". And the Government gets around the ban by a text that gives the same result? What is the Constitutional Council then?", asks Sweet Georgia. And Biker85 added: "otherwise, the economies of the State, they start when really? ” Although it supported the principle of these new measures, Corine C. does not believe in their good operation: "it is a good idea, but it is even not the means." Bleu10 endorse this initiative: "good idea to reduce the number of Senators and deputies. Proportional representation is more egalitarian. "Darkange, he has some reservations:"proportional representation is, in theory, more democratic, but this makes it unmanageable Assembly. This could lead to alliances of circumstances a little more sordid to reach a majority. On the other hand, divide the number of Deputies and Senators by two or three would be a good thing. » Papi744 did not believe: "to reduce the number of deputies by two, he must first reduce all departments and make apply the non-overlapping mandates.» "However, sighs Jean-Herald B," If this promise is the same promise dela of the vice versa of the unemployment curve, we will all wait very long. . For extra data about this topic check article.

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The United States and its Western allies sought Thursday in response to the Islamic State after the shock wave caused by the beheading of an American journalist and the failure of an operation for the liberation of hostages in Syria. Speaking from his place of vacation, president Barack Obama has made tribute Wednesday to James Foley journalist abducted in November 2012 in the North of the Syria and the ultra-radical group showed the assassination in a video. He called the Governments and the peoples of the Middle East to fight against the Islamic State which has conquered large parts of Syrian territory and progresses quickly in Iraq, to retrieve this cancer so that it does not spread. The United States already carry out air strikes against the jihadists in northern Iraq since August 8, and president Obama has promised the continuation of their commitment. When Americans are covered somewhere, we do what is necessary to ensure that justice is done, he said. But shortly after his statements, the Pentagon and the White House acknowledged having undergone a military failure earlier this summer in Syria. They revealed that a had been carried out to rescue a number of Americans held hostage in Syria by the jihadist group, but that she had failed, because the hostages were not present there where US intelligence thought. This is the first time that the United States make public an operation of this type on Syrian soil since the beginning of the conflict in March 2011. According to the Washington Post, dozens of soldiers were hired, and James Foley was among the hostages. The U.S. military announced its side that a new wave of fourteen bombing had been conducted these past twenty-four hours. According to a senior American official, the Pentagon plans to send about 300 additional soldiers in Iraq where there are already 850 soldiers and military advisers, a little more than two and a half years after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country. In the video showing the murder of James Foley, whose authenticity has been confirmed by the White House, the jihadists are threatening to execute a second American hostage, Steven Sotloff, also a journalist, if the shelling continues. Barack Obama found that the EIS, which wants to establish a Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, had no place in the 21st century, and the ultra-radical Islamist group spoke on behalf of any religion. The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon denounced an abominable crime. The video broadcast on the Internet and entitled Message to America shows a man speaking English with an accent UK, masked and dressed in black that seems to cut the throat of James Foley, removed in November 2012 in Syria. British Prime Minister David Cameron said that it was increasingly likely that the unidentified executioner is a British. Images of the execution caused revulsion and the beginning of a wider mobilization of Western countries and have also shocked the most populous Muslim country in the world, the Indonesia. The France said consider a comprehensive strategy against a quasi-State terrorist, while Berlin and Rome have expressed willing to do such as Washington and Paris, by delivering weapons to Kurdish forces to help repel the jihadist offensive in the North of the Iraq. . Root source can be read reading the following

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Milan-The Milan started a negotiation with Liverpool for the sale of Mario Balotelli. Rossonere sources confirm this. The English club would be willing to spend about 22 million euros for the striker. After a season and a half at the Milan, the striker of the national team may then return to the Premier League, where between 2010 and 2013 played for Manchester City, which he had sold to the rossoneri for 20 million euros plus 3 bonus. After talking with Balotelli at Milanello on Tuesday, his agent Mino Raiola flew to England. Liverpool pointed to loan with right of redemption, but AC Milan is willing to cede only outright striker and on this basis is the negotiation game. The BEHAVIOR CLAUSE-the British press speaks instead of a halt in the negotiations because the Anfield club had asked Milan to enter into the agreement for SuperMario a good behavior clause. In practice the Liverpool, desperate for a striker in value after the passage of Luis Suarez at Barcelona, has identified in Balotelli man ideal, but for the reputation of ‘ bad boy ‘ accompanying him even from the days of Manchester City, wants to enter into negotiations the possibility to return the player to Milan at any time in case of ‘ rowdy ‘ behaviorsbut the rossoneri company refused any kind of agreement on these terms. The deal, however, could go anyway in porto in the next few days, although Brendan Rodgers always keeps an eye on free agent Samuel Eto’o and it has not lost hope of reaching Falcao: the bomber Reports colombiano del Monaco also like to Juventus and Real Madrid.   . For extended facts on this subject read

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A year after his sentence of 35 years in prison for the largest leak of documents in the history of the United States via WikiLeaks, Chelsea Manning requires benefit from a treatment for sex change, under penalty of taking the Pentagon to court. Throughout his trial by court-martial, disorders of sexual identity that was then called Bradley Manning had dotted the debates. A picture entitled my problem, cutthroat mouth and his head covered in a blonde wig, had projected at the tribunal. His defense had often cited this fragility to explain the State of mind in which the young analyst of intelligence in Iraq was when it had transmitted more than 700. 000 confidential documents to the WikiLeaks website, whose founder Julian Assange announced Monday he will leave shortly the Ecuador Embassy in London where he lived for 26 months. Immediately after his conviction on August 21, 2013, the soldier Manning revealed in broad daylight that he felt women and wanted to begin treatment as soon as possible. Last April, he had received the endorsement of a judge to change his first name to Bradley in Chelsea, and a month later the Pentagon said study tracks to transfer it to a civil prison where she could benefit from hormone therapy. But the military prison Fort Leavenworth in Kansas (centre) where it is owned, Chelsea Manning receives not (hormonal) treatment that she asked and there is no indication that anything change soon, says the AFP Chase Strangio, the powerful Union lawyer American civil liberties, and advocate of Manning. -’ Get a non-suit’ – more time passes, more mental and physical health is endangered, alarmed the lawyer. Worse, in not complying, the Pentagon violated Chelsea Manning rights under the eighth amendment of the Constitution which prohibits cruel or unusual. Suddenly, Chase Strangio is threatening to file a complaint on behalf of Chelsea Manning against the Pentagon officials responsible for his health and his treatment if nothing is done before September 4. Questioned by AFP, Wayne Hall, a spokesman for the U.S. Army, confirmed that the army command had given go-ahead to medical treatment for an inmate reaches of sexual identity disorder, without however giving details on the proposed terms, as each treatment depends on each individual. But the legal battle of Chelsea Manning should very soon be played on another ground, also uncertain, since is looming on the horizon the procedure of appeal of his sentence to 35 years in prison. Our goal is to get a non-suit, explained to the AFP Nancy Hollander, a lawyer for the young woman. Because, argue, Chelsea Manning was sentenced under the law against espionage, a text which dates from 1917. However, this legislation was enacted to prosecute persons who intend to tackle the United States by committing acts of espionage and not persons who disclose information they believe to be of public interest, railed counsel. However, she thinks that the news could play in favour of his client, thanks to the revelations of Edward Snowden on the extent of the NSA surveillance programs, the national security agency. People now have a much clearer picture of the intentions of our Government. It helped Chelsea Manning, she explains. . Inspirational source may be read clicking the following

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Green disk from Foreign and Defense Committees of the Senate, which approved the resolution of the respective Presidents to support the Government in sending military aid to the Kurdish peshmerga in the context of the crisis in Iraq. The go-ahead came with 27 votes in favour and 4 against, nobody abstained. The Defense Minister, Roberta Pinotti said before the Chamber and Senate committees that: military supplies prepared contain light and their ammunition already in use in Italian armed forces for self-defence and area and other individual weapons, and against-media, Soviet-made, seized at sea during the Balkan wars. The weapons include machine guns that the Italian armed forces no longer use, and anti-tank rockets. The Minister Pinotti and foreign colleague, Federica Mogherini, have defined the coordinated military support operation by the Italian Government with other European countries, "indispensable". Privacy statement of Defense and Foreign Ministers on the Iraq crisis were called to join the 138 members of the four Boards together. And, although it’s still summer, the Queen’s room of Montecitorio, there was full, with about a hundred parliamentarians present. The full five Stars, as mentioned against the sending of Italian weapons in Iraq. Among the many politicians arrived at Montecitorio, there was also the former Prime Minister Enrico Letta, whose birthday falls today. As also called Sel has condemned the persecutions and atrocities committed by militias Isis to civilian populations, stressing the urgent need for a strong international initiative within the United Nations for the protection of civilians but rejected the announced intention of the Government to arm the Kurds ‘ peshmerga, an initiative that is likely to accelerate the process of Division of Iraq. Germany ready to provide arms to the Kurds. As already announced in recent days, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Germany’s willingness to provide weapons to Iraqi Kurds as quickly as possible.   We want to do everything (,.) To the extent that this will strengthen the ability of the Kurds to defend themselves, justified the head of German diplomacy during the press conference, evoking the risk of a catastrophe that would have devastating consequences for the rest of the world. Although in favour of supply of weapons the peshmerga, in recent days, Steinmeier said he was opposed to the formation of an independent Kurdish State, which further destabilise the region and contribute to the emergence of new conflicts. Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Board, Matteo Renzi, is in Baghdad for his lightning Mission in Iraq and saw the President Fouad Mazuum, the premier asked to form new Government Haidar Al Abadi and incumbent Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki. Europe these days must be in Iraq otherwise it is not Europe, because anyone who thinks that the EU faces the shoulders before the massacres, committed only to think of the spread, or mistaken or wrong half forecast, said the premier turned to Al Maliki met in the Presidential Palace in the green zone of Baghdad. The integrity of the region and Iraq is critical to the stability of the entire area, said Radhakrishnan who also reminded that today is the sixth plane of humanitarian aid. There is a spirit of friendship between our peoples and our Governments. . Related data can be read visiting

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François Hollande will soon propose a conference on security in Iraq and the fight against the Islamic State, believing that the international situation is the most serious since 2001, in an interview Wednesday with the newspaper Le Monde. We must consider a comprehensive strategy against this group that is structured, which provides funding and sophisticated weapons, and that threatens countries like the Iraq, the Syria or the Lebanon, believes the head of State. I therefore shortly propose to our partners a conference on security in Iraq and the fight against the Islamic State, he continues. We face not a terrorist movement like al-Qaida, but a terrorist quasi-State, the Islamic State. We can no longer stick to the traditional debate, intervention or non-intervention, adds Mr. Hollande. According to the text of the interview broadcast earlier by the Presidency French, slightly different from the version update online by the newspaper, the head of State spoke in September an initiative on security in Iraq and the fight against the Islamic State (AR). The France announced last week the supply of sophisticated weapons to Iraqi Kurds who bulwark to the jihadists of the Islamic State in Iraq. Asked about an acceleration of market risk to the independence of the Kurds on this occasion, François Holland says having ensured that these shipments are in full agreement with the authorities in Baghdad there is no doubt about the use of these means and that the framework remains that of the unity of the Iraq. Answering a question on an alleged lack of authority of U.S. president Barack Obama in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, the head of french State declares that it is long (,.) complained about the American hyperpower and its multiple interventionism. We would be ill-placed to criticize Barack Obama one too much timidity. But I consider that the international situation is the most serious that we have known since 2001. The world must take any action, he added. . You can read this info to read more regarding this interesting topic.

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Reactions to the formalization by Alain Juppe of his candidacy in the primary of the UMP for 2017: François Bayrou, president of the MoDem: I to Alain Juppé esteem, is someone I find solid, courageous, respectable, and with whom I have a long relationship of trust. It’s someone I consider like that can be an asset for the future of the country (on Europe 1). -PS: Alain Juppé precipitates his candidacy for fear that Nicolas Sarkozy does not impose his own. The leaders of the right are all candidates directly in the next presidential election without going through the box UMP. And Nicolas Sarkozy will be candidate for the Presidency of the UMP to dissolve it. It is therefore too full for the presidential election and the end announced for the UMP (press release). -Roger Karoutchi, Senator UMP sarkozyist: as I have always supported the idea of a primary open wide, so as to not have that one candidate from the right and the centre in the first round in 2017, I am pleased that there have several quality candidates. Alain Juppe is quite legitimate. It has jurisdiction, it has experience (on BFM – TV). -Hervé Mariton, candidate for the Presidency of the UMP: it confirms things, this has the merit of transparency. At the same time, I believe it is important to follow each of the steps. First, we have the election to the Presidency of the UMP. First put the party in running order (,.) and in his time comes the choice of men. Do not do this too early (on Betty). -The former PS Michèle Delaunay, who had beaten him in the legislative elections in 2007 in Bordeaux: this is a favourable time to make given the totally catastrophic state of the UMP and the attitude that I would almost describe child of Nicolas Sarkozy who regularly says: you know I’ll can be go. It has a stature and notoriety that make it, in effect, not dangerous but legitimate, quite credible (on France Bleu Gironde). . For more insights on this topic check page.

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The granting of such credits is so strict as for example in the United States before the financial crisis of 2008. At that time the local banks themselves had provided very generous large sums of credit low income families. As interest rates rose, many homeowners could no longer make the payments, the foreclosure became more frequent. The housing market collapsed and tore the banks all over the world in the crisis. A problem was that the mortgage loans had variable interest. The homeowners quickly sensed any interest rate increase in the purse. In Germany, on the other hand, loans with high interest rate lock-in periods of ten to even 30 years will be awarded. During this period, real estate buyers are immune to interest rate increases. Are 100-percent financing in Germany less risky? Yes, but the dangers are still not to be underestimated. Because when the interest rate expires, the credit at the prevailing interest rates needs to be replaced. And currently, it is assumed that interest rates no longer are in the next decade on the record lows today, but higher. FMH has calculated the risk (see chart). In the case the House 500 000 euros and should be repaid within 30 years. It should not take longer, because the real estate before retirement will be paid off. The buyer shall bear the extra charges for tax, notary, and brokers by about 10 percent from his savings. He agreed to an interest rate of 15 years. The monthly rate of course varies with the amount of private capital, that he can bring in the funding. Without their own savings, so when the 100-percent financing, the growth rate is 2 250 euros. He needs only 70 percent credit, because he the rest has saved 150 000 euro, decreases its rate to only 1 360 euros. . For additional insights on this matter visit

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The LFP complained that the trial not hab to heard two versions and sent a letter of opposition n the favorable to the Murcia car. Pimentonero team, meanwhile, acus yesterday in a statement to the LFP act outside the law and confirm that non-stop until a resolution favourable n. The club continue along the only way possible, the judicial actions already undertaken, as new which undertake. Adem s, have suspended workouts until further notice, not being in conditions f basic and necessary strategic psicol to work. The Lugo, that s, at the moment players are cautious and seem to focus on what today (qui n knows ma ana) is official: the Miranda s. Players who are from the Miranda of the past will have n or s like and adem s, all the signings that have been made are known terraces [coach] and will not be f nothing easy, ensure Manu, the capit n of the team, although not rehuy questions about the theme star. Let’s play where send us, to try to win and to start the season. We are in second, we do not know what d nde begin, sentenced. What is in question, regardless of resolution n, is the figure of the competition n, which follow take 48 hours from the start. The soccer espa ol f is not in good place. We must learn from mistakes so that they do not become repeat if we really want to than the Spanish League wave is the best, O’Neal Alberto Lora, n of the Sporting capital, yesterday. Raz n does not lack. . Related text can be inspected reading