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The football world looking for compacting, defends its interests and entrusts to the four major leagues, under the direction of a part of the, a note to explain that there is the possibility of a Commissioner. There is fear there is also Commissioner in the entourage of Carlo moves that today at 13 to piazzale Flaminio in Rome during the Directors of amateurs, esporr the proposal for a pre-election agreement with. Will asked the latter to step aside in Exchange for the role of vice President, but the former player’s response will be negative. For that will come, with Tavecchio and Albertini now running for the Presidency and that today will be to discuss with Giovanni, this important day of reflection, which could not dissolve the nodes immediately but soon open to different scenarios. Obvious that there are before the possibility of a Commissioner, a position that would be April, which would mean expropriation. Some of these rebels because he would see, with an "outside" via Allegri, evaporate much of the power they have. Hence the desire to come together without forgetting that the address of A known although there who dissociates and yesterday it did also with officially urban. The League of B must follow the dictates of A economically depends on while the pros are amateurs whose President Tavecchio. Carlo Tavecchio late afternoon salir in the Office on the first floor of the building H of Cones: Giovanni Malaguti, who in the morning with the other candidate parler football, Demetrio Albertini, will try to reflect on the possibility to go on or stop its path. There will be no impositions, which moreover are not allowed and the Statute, paragraph 2 of article 17, the asks for its subsidiaries on heavy penalty sanctions. Malaguti, which will go in the direction of further offside which should match the Tavecchio President of Figc after much controversy and too many slides but, above all, for the deemed inadequate to fill the role. In short, the President of Coni tenter to reason that, in other words, it means to make that step back advocated by most parties. Tavecchio’s position increasingly weak, pelted constantly by his words, particularly for bananas. Uefa and Fifa have asked for clarifications to the Figc on any racist implications while yesterday raised the issue the national anti-racism Office of the Presidency of the Council. Marco De Giorgi, the Director, has defined serious Tavecchio’s statements because a pronounced public assembly. Take a step back is inevitable even if until yesterday Tavecchio persisted in going ahead, sure that the votes were secured, votes that will slowly decrease because you realize the risks which they would encounter and who has common sense the claims. It is no matter of the slide for bananas, the phrase that sparked a Blizzard, but projects and ideas that are not there. Tomorrow, more than today might be the day to better understand. In via Allegri meets the Federal Council, the occasion for a final discussion in view of Assembly of 11 August, which make for changes to the by-laws. If there will be a real agreement, can the choice of a route shared with the Cones to handle what a real emergency. . Extended text can be inspected visiting

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1827, 1890, 1951, 1956, 1982, 1989, 2001 and now 2014. For the eighth time since the independence of 1816 the unpleasant situation of payment failure occurred in Argentina, if you rely on the counting of American economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff. With the collapse of mediation talks in New York on the night of Thursday, the default, the non-serving of debt, was no longer to avert. That’s not surprising. Compromise the Government’s will, which like insulting the negotiators as a vulture, was obviously not particularly large. Another development around the Argentine drama, which can be traced probably good in the next few days is important for the future. To be sure in the international public opinions, particularly on who no sympathy for the hedge funds shows everything that have cornered Argentina. The way to a new gave York judge them. His judgment of 2012 put Argentina into the predicament to use also the hedge funds, which had refused the restructuring. Such pressure can be only in the interest of the Argentine, because the borders of unsound financial management according to the Government. No one will want to argue that such an adaptation to the reality for Argentina is painful. But who weakens the rights of creditors, causing only more Government mismanagement and defaults. No one in the current case vividly the awkward question of whether the Government in Buenos Aires is insolvent or just unwilling to pay. In this sense: not cries for Argentina. Inspirational data can be found visiting this

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My Grandpa was one of those who have never told, what they have done in the first world war. My father could never talk about it, what he experienced during the expulsion. Put your inheritance of sense of still in me? They do it because the silence of two generations? But how do the – load to transmit, without naming them? Psychologists speak of telescoping, the fact that the experiences of three generations telescope such as a telescope cylinder. Parents projected their history in their child, and the child can identify with this story, unconscious and often overwhelming way. About a father who witnessed during the first world war horror, helplessness, and fear of death, can forward these experiences on his child, by he lives insecurity, anger, meanness or emotional distance. The following generation, the forties, fifties years, was marked by two world wars from the traditional first and the experienced second. The lightheartedness of children did not fit in a society, on the war experiences and experiences of imprisonment, expulsion and guilt weighed, Sabine Bode writes in her book of post-war children about this time. And the grandsons of post-war? What is deposited in them yet? The generation of now 30-50 is the first that is willing and able to be aware of all of these relationships, to explore free from social and political taboos. Movies like our mothers, our fathers are part of this trial. . You can click this to learn more regarding this interesting topic.

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The brain of PARSHIP sits a brick Villa in Hamburg-Harvestehude. Not the headquarters of the largest German partner portal located here. Hugo lives narrow into this House with elaborate boxwood flower beds in the front yard. The ingenious mind behind PARSHIP is the 82. 15 years ago, the psychologist has developed the first matching process. Since then millions of German singles looking for a partner in the Internet after the pattern of his love. Often, he noted that people are looking not as a partner that suits them, but rather a, will lived before them in the media or the circle of friends. We are talking here about a clique behavior, says the psychologist. It was human and he could not make himself. As a teenager I have always imagined that I would be like Humphrey Bogart, because I liked the women, who were together with him. Like Lauren Bacall. I thought then that I can get, if I’m so like Humphrey Bogart. So PARSHIP became 2000 first dating agency of in Germany with a matching questionnaire online. Vendors such as ElitePartner and eDarling moved in the subsequent years after and developed similar tests. When we began at that time, the Internet was still in its infancy. In Germany, was skeptical and distrusted this impersonal medium, tells narrow and leans deeper in his knautschigen leather chair. Meanwhile, about seven million singles looking for a partner in the network. Every fifth relationship is connected to this Terminal. Hardly anyone still believes to be found great happiness at the supermarket checkout. Instead trust the seekers of the efficiency of mathematical formulas. We have just turned the classic introductory ritual, says narrow. Instead of flirting and small talk, the singles are immediately confronted with hard facts. They result from narrow matching catalog. Single clicking is what they actually target by 74 questions that make at first glance not seem through. So the computer wants to know: you sleep with the window open? or how you react when you slip on a banana peel? On the basis of these situational questions objective is being profiled. I first need to find out who I am, before I can find someone who is right for me, narrow explains the principle of his questionnaire approach. Only so could be prevented that a distorted self assessment negatively influence the search for the perfect partner. The matching catalogue is filled, the computer of algorithms will determine a variety of possible partners within seconds. Where: based on average is is there, the greater the persons with which one could match. How his love formula works, will not give narrow. Only so much is the Professor out of his mouth: A harmonious partnership is based on the proper relationship between proximity and distance. I always say: as much agreement as possible, as many contradictions as necessary. It was although not scientifically proven, but rule of thumb one could say, the profile should match two people to 80 percent. The right balance of masculinity and femininity is also important. A dominant man could never be happy with a dominant woman. It was also unlikely that a bodybuilder would find happiness in a muscle-bound woman. The best prominent example was the Boxer Wladimir Klitschko, whose delicate freundin Hayden Panettiere was just time 1.53 m tall. . Related facts can be inspected checking page.

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The Gunrunning has become drastically in the past few weeks, a reaction to the military successes of the Ukrainian army is safe. The rebels appear to lose ground. After fierce battles and air attacks were pushed back largely Donetsk and Luhansk and several surrounding areas to the cities. Human Rights Watch blames the Ukrainian army: they’ve used little precise Grad rockets (which are also used by the separatists) in densely populated areas. The Organization speaks of war crimes. The ragtag and partly ill-trained Ukrainian troops fighting with everything available to them. And they have become after the launch of the passenger aircraft and several military aircraft not prissy. Speaks also of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ukrainian army drive a massive attack on peaceful towns and peaceful citizens in the Eastern Ukraine, she lead a war against its own people. Towards the West, it was last: responsibility for victims among the civilian population was also among those who support such crimes. Because of the war in the Eastern Ukraine is an asymmetric conflict, the stoking Russia against the Ukraine. The United States and the EU agree the recent sanctions that the separatists significantly be strengthened, armed, trained by Russia and directed in the meantime. That only made her so dangerous and allowed them to be able to resist the Ukrainian army so long so fiercely. The cause is that the Malaysian Jet was shot from the sky. But the site of the crash is not the only scene of this war. The most dangerous escalation takes place there. It happens in Donetsk, Luhansk – and on the border: the threat that Russia is still very much more directly in the conflict, is not over. . For extra data about this topic click

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VIDEO – Some pictures of the next adventures of the most famous goalkeeper come to be disclosed. There are all the troops moving in the British capital. Humor and chases are at the rendezvous. The continuation of the adventures of the night watchman Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is engaged since 2009. While the French release is scheduled for December 24, 2014, the Twentieth Century Fox studios come to unveil the first trailer for Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb (night at the Museum 3: the secret of the tomb). For this third part, the cast of characters of the Museum, all more wacky each other, arrives in London at the British Museum. The Twentieth Century Fox studios, again trust Director Shawn Levy for this third installment, and with regard to the scores achieved by the franchise at the global box office, this is understandable: $ 547 million of revenue for the first component and 413 million for the second. The cast, there are the regulars: Ben Stiller well obviously, but also Robin Williams, Ricky Gervais, Owen Wilson, Ben Kingsley, Patrick Gallagher, Steve Coogan, and Rami Malek. . Similar text can be found reading blog.

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13.7% of construction companies controlled by the URSSAF year 2013 has been guilty of fraud concealed labour, and the actual figure could be much higher. This is the main result of the study conducted ACOSS, the National Fund for the URSSAF network. The black labour affect 8% of workers in the sector. But because of the obstacles faced by the controllers (the affected employees often work in staggered, early in the morning hours or weekend), the trend could be actually much more significant. "It is more likely that the amplitude hourly and daily controls, limited definition, reduced the probability of detecting situations of fraud (,.) The report said this is why the assessment is probably underestimated, and the rates presented here probably represent a minimum terminal of the actual rate of fraud". The trend is very marked in Ile-de-France (24.3% of establishment straightened fraudsters) and in a large ensemble is composed of the Franche-Comté, Burgundy and the Rhône-Alpes region (17.9%). Conversely, West of Aquitaine, Southwestern France and the Pays de la Loire is good figure amounts, with ‘only’ 5.7% of establishments determined fraudsters. If there is no trend also marked on the activity, painting and glazing are however slightly (24%), before the construction of buildings (21.9%) and the plastering (18.5%). On the other hand, the results vary considerably depending on seniority and the size of the company. More is young, plus the rate of concealed labour is high: 35.6% of fraud occurred in older corporations less than two years and 21.9% for those whose seniority is between two and five years. Conversely, only 2.9% of establishments dating back twenty years or more are guilty of hidden work. Society is small, the rate of fraud is high. Each additional employee, the rate decreases: 33% for 0 employee, 25.3% for an employee, 22.4% for two employees, up to 4.2% for companies doing work twenty people or more. The profile of hidden workers logically follows the same trends. The sketch would designate a painter or a Glazier (16.4% of concealment) exercising in Ile-de-France (18%) less than two years (12.4%). Only surprise, age. More than 60 years are more concerned than younger workers (18.5% versus 7.4% for 18-25 years and 7.1% for 35-45 years old). . Similar info can be inspected clicking blog.

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The woman, found by the police and denounced, was spotted with a ferry coming from Ischia. Then climb on a car rental with chauffeur who brought up to Sperlonga, renowned maritime resort of the province of Latina, which was stuck in a restaurant. La straniera, 35 years old, born in the offices of the police provincial command of Frosinone, before investigators would have admitted that he invented everything and having fake kidnapping because tired of cohabitation and family situation. For she taken a complaint for simulation of crime and caused alarm, before returning in the House of Monte San Giovanni Campano. Investigations were conducted by the military of the nucleo investigativo Provincial command of Frosinone, coordinated by Lieutenant Colonel Fernando Maisto, who leads the Operating Department, along with colleagues in the company of Sora. The case was reported to the pm Paolo Ielo of DDA in Rome, which now convey the acts prosecutors in Frosinone. . Additional info can be found reading source.

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-As we learn the penalties relating to all four areas identified by the EU Commission’s proposal and are not retroactive. As regards financial markets, can no longer be purchased or placed new bonds, equity or similar (debt), issued by Russian State-controlled banks or lending institutions of development. The weapons embargo on new contracts, while high-tech oil, (e.g. for drilling in deepwater, Arctic oil exploration, shale oil). Regarding the dual use technology, the stop is the one intended for military use. The written procedure for the adoption, will be launched tomorrow and the publication in the official journal is waiting for Thursday, late in the evening, and will come into force the following day. As regards the new names on the blacklist (assets freeze and stop visas), decided yesterday by the Eu ambassadors, it was specified that these eight individuals-names four of the close circle of Putin–and three entities, the list is waiting for tomorrow evening. . For extra on this subject read

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According to a ruling of the Landgericht Berlin the online mail order company may pay no commissions more Amazon school foerdervereinen, if parents order books at him. Such marketing cooperations were against the (BuchPrG) book price fixing force in Germany and were to fail, it is in the grounds of the judgment that the Stock Exchange Association of the German book trade had brought and published on Tuesday in Frankfurt am Main (AZ. 101 O 55/13). The judgment itself was already issued on July 7. Also, the Court assessed the Commission model partly as unfair, because parents and students could be forced by social pressure to use this ordering. They got into a situation where they would have to choose this option, to avoid the impression of lack of solidarity with the school community, is it in the grounds of the judgment. It was an unprofessional and inappropriate influence on consumer behaviour. The German Federal Supreme Court decided as in similar cases, they complemented each other. . For extra data on this matter click