Conference in Palermo on the health of women in Sicily.2014.10.24. // Uncategorized

Palermo, 24. 20.2014-(Emix90210)-what is the State of health of Sicilian woman? Certainly it lives longer than men (83, 4 years against 78.7 males), but get sick even more. Therapeutic innovations in clinical practice gynaecological and obstetrical endocrine is the theme of the day that, as explains Domenico Gullo, will see the woman and her well-being at the Centre of the work. In order to promote a gender-oriented medicine is a priority, respecting differences, knowing the State of health of women, highlighting the criticalities, identify regional differences also in terms of welfare distribution, accessibility and appropriateness of services offered. This knowledge is essential to promote the equal opportunities policy of preventive campaigns and gender policies more targeted health partner. After you have made the point about the State of women’s health in Sicily will be addressed important issues. These include gynaecological Aspects overlooked ovulation disorders with Hyper production of male hormones, Bariatric outpatient surgery in the treatment of obese and pz with Polycystic, correlations between melatonin and fertility, the pill for birth control pills, physiopathological and therapeutic acquisitions in thyroid diseases and female genital aging. At 17, the round table on women’s health and well-being, will conclude the day of work. . Similar facts can be found visiting

“The fraudsters elect should be ineligible for life.”2014.10.24. // Uncategorized

Whatever the situation, many users call for prudence and respect for the principle of presumption of innocence. Thus, Youk002 takes the defense of Lucien Degauchy which would be "the heir of the account of his father, not a voluntary fraudster", an important nuance in the eyes of the user who puts forward the unintentional nature of the fraud of the Member. About Philippe Marini, Jacques Vissy was surprised: "It therefore does not know how to evaluate a building in Lai while he was Inspector of finance and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee?" Since Cahuzac and Tawn Affairs, Internet users appear to be rather pessimistic. Jlm30 prefer ironic on the situation: "if it continues, it will be necessary to create a court just for them! Others seize the matter with more seriously as JRMO who wondered: "is our righteousness truly independent? ” Indeed, many of our readers have the feeling that when an elected official is indicted, justice works differently than the rest of the population. For Roger Menez, guilty or not, "they are never convicted." "Is that the"powerful"justice?", wondered. Dominique Repronche calls into question the current judicial system and indignant that "even if a judge has proof of a tax offence, Bercy must lodge a complaint, otherwise nothing happens" between indignation and disappointment, Blue Smoke sigh: «Ah!» These politicians whose philosophy boils down to "do as I say, not as I do", what they do ask me not to pay higher taxes. "Same story at Jlb4337:"it would be although members are aware that the laws they vote also apply to them. "And not that some exempt, regret our users. Then what sanctions, and when? Three months after case Cahuzac, the current Government has implemented the Act on transparency, intended to combat tax evasion of the elect. After the review of Patrick Balkany and confessions by Lucien Degauchy, UMP elected, Bubard commented: "One understands better why transparency Act bothered as much in this party." However, for many Internet users, Tavares, Degauchy, or Balkany case prove that this law was not infallible. These probably aren’t the Canard enchaîné of Wednesday, information according to which sixty parliamentarians "would minimize their heritage", that will convince them otherwise. Rev * 68 predicted "of nice surprises on the Declaration of assets. . Original facts could be studied clicking the following

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Australian surgeons have first successfully transplanted heart according to own statements, which previously had stopped beating. The experts from Sydney in three cases, succeeded to revive dead heart, in a special solution to keep the beat and to put the patients after a long transport. For the first time in the world this is managed from a remote hospital in clinic in Sydney, Peter MacDonald, the Director of the transplant unit of St. Vincent on Friday of the news agency AFP said. Together with experts of the Victor Chang heart Research Institute Macdonald’s team used a special technique: the heart that maximum 20 minutes have stopped beating, are placed after taking in a portable machine with a special solution. They are connected to a neutral circuit and again for reference, until they are reinstated. The machine is called heart in the box as well. Kumud Dhital said the three transplants are currently the only ones in the world with renewed institutions, from the University of new South Wales in Sydney. The head of the Victor Chang Institute, Bob Graham, said the technology allow it to perform more transplants per cent in Australia, 20 to 30. In addition, we can better assess whether a heart for transplanting is suitable, because we can look at the functions of the portable heart machine, before we plant it again. . Similar information can be read reading article.

Caught in a car with a prostitute is fined. But it was his wife.2014.10.24. // Uncategorized

He was in a car with a prostitute, i have caught and fined. Just do that in the car with him was his wife, and the man, a 60 year old native of Valdichiana, demonstrate eventually got the penalty. The incredible story that happened in Arezzo: to write is the newspaper the nation. The protagonist of the story had been surprised by car with a prostitute and respecting of the rules was fined by municipal fire departments. He would have just tried to explain the truth and that is that the woman in the car with him was indeed a prostitute but was also his wife. The two were not consuming or negotiating a payment, but they were just talking about how two spouses pending separation. The man had reached his wife, a Nigerian, 29 year-old workplace in San Zeno just to clarify the details of separation. To cancel the fine man showed the double-certificate The 60 year old, persuaded to not wanting to pay the unfair penalty (300 euros to 300 euros and to her), it is then submitted to the command of the municipal police with the marriage certificate and then the authorities have had to take note of how things actually were. As, indeed, had told him that his wife was a prostitute. So after a long judicial process the man managed to annul the fine salt. . For extended data about this topic visit homepage.

Legal warning – caution! Scammer scare Internet users with porn might wave.2014.10.24. // Uncategorized

About ten months after the fall of Redtube, a new wave of letters in Germany ensures confusion. In the letters (see picture above) of the British law firm Robert Barber, unknown 280 euro claim damages due to illegal streaming. Users would have the film sucking housewifes reloaded – Julia’s pleasure of xfun film Ltd. made publicly available, it is said in the letter. Affected parties should pay the money to the account number indicated in no way. The Berlin media lawyer John says the xfun film Ltd. is a company which apparently does not exist, as well as the film work by males. He exposed also the sender of the letters as lies. "A call in London brought security: such writing are not sent by the London colleagues", said by males. In the letter, the shipper specify you also no longer should the porn film about sites like youporn. com or x-hamster. com consume. This is very misleading, because the European Court of Justice recently confirmed that never a copyright infringement exists when the mere consumption. . Extended info can be inspected checking

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A New York doctor recently returned from West Africa contracted the Ebola virus, first case found the disease in the largest American city. Craig Spencer, 33 years old, worked in Guinea for Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) with Ebola patients. He had left that country on 14 October to return, via Europe, in New York, reported Thursday authorities, announcing the result of the medical examination carried out in the day, after that he developed a high fever. This is the fourth case of Ebola in the United States, including a death in Dallas. There was no reason for New Yorkers to worry, the Mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, told a press conference alongside the Governor of the State of New York, Andrew Cuomo. The two men stressed the fact that the city of 8.4 million inhabitants was prepared for weeks for this eventuality. The disease is very difficult to catch, insisted Mr. de Blasio. The young doctor was hospitalized earlier in the day with more than 39 of fever and abdominal pain. In-depth reviews had been decided with regard to his recent travels, symptoms and his work passed, explained New York health authorities. He was immediately placed in quarantine at Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital. This hospital is one of five specially prepared to handle any cases of Ebola in New York. His fiancee and two of his friends have also been placed in quarantine, said during the press conference the head of health services of the city of New York, Mary T. Bassett. She added that the doctor had tried to isolate themselves to the maximum in his apartment since his return, limiting his contacts, and taking her temperature twice a day. He began to have a fever than Thursday late morning, and immediately warned MSF which, in turn, warned the authorities in accordance with the protocols. The physician to Harlem apartment was sealed, she added. New York authorities have also sought what people the doctor might have encountered in New York and potentially endangered. He repeatedly took the subway, said Ms. Bassett. And Wednesday night, he went bowling with friends in Brooklyn. Bowling has since closed as a precaution. Médecins sans Frontières confirmed that the doctor had informed him Thursday that he had fever. Under the strict instructions to staff returning from Ebola, this person regularly monitored his health, and was part of this development immediately, said MSF USA. . Original facts could be found clicking the following link.

Star column Winnemuth: The good old stone age.2014.10.23. // Uncategorized

Let’s talk about the stone age. That is so present as since, say, 10 000 years plus / minus a few zerquetschten centuries no longer. The new hot thing is the paleo diet, which rather claimed one as proven nutritional form of stone age people propagated: meat, fish (more precisely: fish that were swimming against the current), berries, nuts, seeds – Hunter and collector cuisine so getreidelos and without milk products, because after the downfall of humanity conviction of the stone age fans began with agriculture and cattle breeding. The idea is not new, 40 years ago, there were pamphlets, but only now it comes in tow of the gluten – and lactose hysteria to the development. In this year alone a dozen published books (including gems like paleo for chocolate fans), in the United States there is an own magazine paleo conferences and holiday camps (paleo magazine – modern Day Primal Living). For dinner it is still not done, swept away heard modernity for the modern Neanderthals in other areas. Barefoot shoes, going to sleep at sunset, rigid strength training and spiritual practices such as tree meditation, Sun rituals, and reconciliation with the killed animal is found in the scene. What should be abendfüllend in the face of the many, many to kill animals in this meat-heavy diet. Paleo is the new vegan, a way of life, that makes everything intact, what has brought us the evil modern times, and this Ting likes a few millennia of evolution in the bin, in which the man has proved how amazingly good it to adapt to ever-changing living conditions is capable of. (Up and to all people, including the Maasai, who are clearly so far pretty well with a deadly according to paleo diet of ZeBu cattle milk.) Quite a few feel any progress as only overload that was probably already in the invention of the wheel so. But rarely the wheel was turned back from aversion to the impositions of the present as far as at present: earlier was all better and still earlier or better believers would love to strenuous stuff such as intelligence, morality, human rights renounce to their desire for under complex solutions, such as carved with the hand axe, to breastfeed. Back in the cave, completely voluntary. After all, you’ve got it quickly behind him: the life expectancy of the Steinzeitler was at a maximum 40 years. . You should check the following to read extra on this amazing topic.

In 30 years, the french TGV is breathless.2014.10.23. // Uncategorized

The TGV, launched in 1981 and regarded since as a french floret, symbol of modernity and progress accessible to the greatest number, is at the end of the roll. The Court of Auditors, which has just made public a report on high speed rail, said that the french TGV model is no longer tenable in the years to come. Travellers, less numerous to borrow it, find it too expensive. The train, which pulled the bulk of its profits from this activity, no longer able to provide the same level of profit and gets into debt. But for their part, elected officials continue to put pressure on policies to new lines at great speed are built on their territories then funds are desperately empty to finance other infrastructure. And the State does not say. It’s as if the situation was under control while alarms ring at full volume: too many destinations, rolling TGV on 40% of their trip on conventional lines, LGV projects despite common sense,. Thirty-three years after the launch of the first TGV, it seems that the once profitable model is to reinvent. The direction of the SNCF too long concentrated his energy on this not only profitable but rewarding activity by technology of the rowing prowess and speed challenge. Today, she does more turns its spotlight on high speed. It turns on "the daily trains," these TER and Transiliens used every day by millions of French. It is true that the TGV is a bit the revealer of the ills plaguing the public company. . Main facts could be studied visiting this web site.

Islam in prison: how the State monitors the radicalized inmates.2014.10.23. // Uncategorized

Behind bars prosp re radical islam. The observation has nothing in dit – problem has me d j t raised during cases Nemmouche and Merah – but there would, Guillaume Larriv, new reasons to believe’s is ter inqui. In a parliamentary report, including Le Figaro released excerpts Thursday, d put UMP note that ext external signs of radicalization have almost completely disappeared in Middle TARC ral. According to him, the pros lytisme is now more discreet and difficult r p rer d. Ph name does as much more alarmed as long as all of the prisons are 60% d required to culture or Islam. As Metronews recalls, these figures are approximate obviously. First, because ethnic and religious statistics are forbidden in France. Then, because the read is based on the figures in the report islam in prison of Farhad Khosrokhavar, them-m my put clues (ramadan or not, halal meals or not,.) and not a census. In addition, the 60% figure is r reference some prisons, those adjacent to cities, not all. It should not scare people, shade the L’Express sociologist. As to the passage introverted radicalization, it op fa r is progressive from the ann es 2004-2005 d j. There is nothing new. It would therefore not e Daniel r cente of the number of candidates fran ais to Jihad in Syria and Iraq that caused the paradigm shift. Neither the policy, jug e too lax by the UMP, the Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira, as suggested by Guillaume Larriv. Required d have understood them-m my that it was dangerous for them to be better hide that surexhiber for not tre s by s or s isol by administration, argues Farhad Khosrokhavar. For example one of the 169 aum chaplains of the cult of the Muslim, Igor Walanantalit, remembers a Nanterre prisoner who behaved like a mir. He had filled his cell of carpets and curtains and received other d held in hearing. R result: he was cart and became more discreet. The ability of prisoners pour into fundamentalism without getting noticed is n nevertheless indeed a problem me for p prison administration. It has its own intelligence service, ind counterpart of the DCRI but with whom she remained in permanent contact. It r answered the name tr s myst rieux of EMS-3 (major State of Security-3). According to Le Parisien, the service was in 2004, in the aftermath of the Madrid bombings, o 191 people have p ri in the explosion of bombs. The newspaper reported it doesn’t count 75 191 prisons officials monitor. D put PS Jean-Jacques Urvoas, sp expert in security issues, is much more measured and speaks on his blog of a dozen people. These are in direct connection with the supervisors, charg s to report all suspicious behavior. An even more arduous task than overpopulation TARC general e estim 119.6% in June 2013, constantly bouncing. There are a few ann, this monitoring was relatively easy. Islamists wore beards, the djellaba and did: how not throwing collective calls pri re, explained in 2012 an agent of the EMS-3 in Paris. Today, signs monitor are more insidious: too virulent speeches, refusal to shake the hand or eye for example. The required d who refuse to be in St me ft what a woman can be also a convincing clue. Modesty is a good element, note the aum denied Igor Walanantalit. Are also vote s potential games of influence among prisoners in the parlour or during walks. 810 d required are regular particularly followed the information p jails, according to the d put Jean-Jacques Urvoas. 250 for links with terrorism and a little less than 100 for links with the Islamist movement. Agents have legal and technical surveillance, means as searches of cells to confiscate the litt temperature Salafist or listening to conversations t l calls, if they do not have a lawyer and they are contr l by the Prosecutor’s office. But as the lu recalled Socialist, they limit s. the excavations are s tr box es and the interception of correspondence implies human means, that is not the Ministry of Justice. � . Extended text can be read clicking

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Thursday morning, the American media titled "the end of innocence" for their northern neighbor, usually regarded as a haven of peace and stability on the continent, theoretically less exposed to the ups and downs of international politics. But since 7 October and the vote of the Parliament about the entry into the coalition anti-Daech, everything had changed. The Canadian intelligence services had raised the level of terrorist alert from ‘low’ to ‘medium’, fearing more than any action of a perfect stranger against a passer-by in a crowded street, or even an attack against a government building. Roller-Couture and Zaman-Bibeau were part of these suspects. The first, 25 years old and blind by the Islamist cause, had turned in a Montreal Airport in July, after attempting to sail to Turkey, where it would have likely been supported by a jihadist group to fight in Syria. They are not the first Canadian nationals to die for an obscure cause, of an indefensible ideology: many were killed in combat in Syria, on the 30 Canadians who visited would be three years. Two others, Xris Katsiroubas and Ali Medlej, died during the assault against the Total of In Amenas in Algeria refinery, in January 2013. Friends from high school, they had "tilted" in 2011 to join an al-Qaeda training camp in Mali. Also as the souls lost to Ottawa and Montreal, is dreamed an end of "martyrs". . For more on this subject click article.