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In France, the measure in has outraged many: Apple and Facebook announced last week that they will support in the United States the cost of freezing of oocytes from their employees that unfortunately, for as they continue to work pushing their possible pregnancies at a later date. In the United States, the controversy is less keen. And for good reason: Apple and Facebook are in fact than the tip of the iceberg. Other famous companies from the "technosphere" or finance are already the same or seriously considering it. Microsoft and Citigroup thus offer this possibility to their employees, but refused to communicate on this delicate subject. Google could engage in 2015, in the wake of Apple in January next year. "And if this measure (posted from 2012 by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine) was simply the pill of our time? loose Jessica Bennett, columnist for the New York Times. That would break the last taboo, a last biological straitjacket", in this case the inequality of men and women before career opportunities. A study of the journal Fertility and Sterility, taken over by the US media, reveals that a majority of women surveyed having thus could put on pause their biological clock have harboured a feeling of ‘accountability’, real psychological insurance seen as a powerful "equalizer" factor on the job market. The offer made by Apple and Facebook tricks of course anyone: the two firms seek to maximize their earnings by consolidating the career prospects of their female staff. They predict sensitive economies in terms of health cover provided to employees: costs significantly higher fertilization in vitro, already covered by many companies, would be reduced by promoting the removal of eggs for freezing, at height of 20. us $ for two operations on 18 to 20 cells, plus 500 annual storage costs $. "The chances of fertilization increase significantly with younger frozen oocytes during fertilization in vitro classical", adds Dr. Elizabeth Fino, expert in fertility at NYU (New York University), which recorded a significant increase in the number of patients from 2012 and indicates 40 to 50% of pregnancies for patients under 35 years old. Retrograde or not, new frontier or cessation, the initiative of the American technofirmes meets a great success: clinical and firms such as Eggbanxx record of numerous requests for information, while that multiply the ‘ eggparties (evening oocytes) "in Silicon Valley. Many are less than 37 years old. "Will they see it as an opportunity to work hard and to keep an option to make a child later if they wish, asks Glenn Cohen, Co-Director of the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy at Harvard, or as a signal that their employers deem inconsistent work and motherhood? Root source can be studied reading the following

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The Italian financial police announced Tuesday dismantled a group of companies suspected of having put in place a system of false invoices for tax evasion exceeding the total amount of EUR 1.7 billion. The illegal activity caused damage to the State over the years, (,.) the total amount exceeding 1.7 billion euros, provides a statement of the financial police. According to police, the system implemented from 2001 by two Roman entrepreneurs, Pierino Tulli and Maurizio Ladaga, consisted of false invoices issued by intermediate companies subcontractor contracts obtained by entrepreneurs in such areas as security and industrial cleaning. Thanks to these false invoices, large sums of money ended up on the accounts created only companies to collect these amounts. Once the sums collected in cash and placed to San Marino and Luxembourg, these companies were declared bankrupt and news were formed, explained the police. In total, 62 people are suspected of having participated in the fraud, to varying degrees. The financial police also placed in receivership of property of a value greater than 100 million euros, including a hundred properties, two companies and hundreds of bank accounts, according to the same source. About 70 police participated in operations of receivership and searches that took place in several regions of Italy, the inquiry headed by the public prosecutor of Rome. This gigantic fraud announced Tuesday represents only the tip of the iceberg. Saturday, the financial police has receivership of property with a value of 2.7 million euros belonging to an entrepreneur from Sardinia who was selling products on the internet and declared no income to the tax authorities. Tax evasion is a scourge against which all Italian Governments in recent years have tried to fight, not only to fill public coffers emptied by the crisis. According to a study conducted in 2012 by a big private Institute, the underground economy (working at the black, mafia or real estate rentals in black activities) accounted for in 2011 about 35% of Italian GDP, some 540 billion euros. In 2013, making the point on the fight against tax evasion, the financial police had announced discovering more than 56 billion euros of tax evasion in 2012. The Italian tax authorities, which has recovered about 13 billion euros of tax fraudsters in 2013, relies on the same sum in 2014 and hopes to garner up to 15 billion in 2015, said Friday the Director of the Italian tax authorities, Rossella Orlandi. The fight against tax fraud in Italy took some big names in its nets, Dolce & Gabbana Maradona, passing by Silvio Berlusconi definitively sentenced to prison, a sentence transformed into works of general interest, and stripped of his status as Senator for tax evasion in the Mediaset case. . You can read this reference to discover more regarding this interesting topic.

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I enjoyed the recent post of Mélanie Notkin, American author to success, entitled I am 45 years old, I’m single and childless. And, no, it is not ‘abnormal’, translated from the French on LeHuffPost. I myself am quickly recognized in this Brian, with these strange questions, his interrogation, his insecurity, because I think have already had the same conversation many times in my life. And seeing that I was not alone, thanks to Mélanie Notkin, I said that we were perhaps thousands, or even millions of Brian. Yes, Melanie, you’re right. Being a single woman aged 45, childless, there is nothing abnormal. It has always existed. What is, perhaps, is that you seem obviously not understand why your life does not match what you expected and why you’ve not had the lasting and serious relationship that you deserved it (sic). Well, my dear Melanie, the explanation is simple: in love, no one deserves anything. It is not in the office, in a contest or fishing for ducks. And Brian has reason to worry. Not because you’re 45 and you’re single. He knows you’re 45 years old, he has to see it on your online profile. And since it is a love encounter, it is better that you are unmarried, non? What is disturbing, it’s what you say and what you write later about it. When it asks you if you’ve had a long relationship and when when the last, you answer him: I know even more, in a smile, shrugging shoulders with nonchalance. In your post, you precise: and this is the truth. I no longer know. I know with how many men I am out, or how much I kissed or fondled, or how many it has simply not worked. I has more men because I know just that they close me all of my life. Brian, at this stage, unless he is desperate, should get up and leave the bar immediately. That you have problems memory at age 45, this can happen. But if a woman tells me, with a smile, by shrugging nonchalantly that she does not remember his past relationships, well I get up and I’m going home, as all this land Brian should do so. I met a few women like you. Long date, with a beautiful career singles, very independent. Often, they explained their story by saying that men were worse. No, men are not worse. They are even, in my opinion, very different from what you think. This is why you’re so hard to find the man of your life. Which brings us to speak of this capital which speaks volumes: the man of your life. What do you think Melanie? There is only one man on this earth that is made for you? Beyond this terrible capital could not outright call him Prince charming? Do you think that he has a horse? What age are you Melanie? 45 years or 14? No, sorry, there is no man with a capital letter. It is only for men. It’s desperate, eh? But there are other passages in your post that will help you understand what has happened. Your testimony begins with these words: the summer poses its last rays in the month of October, before yielding the place to fall. And then, one night, come from who knows where, freezing cold invades me, like a lover that I have tried to forget. I shiver. I have a heavy heart. I know that winter is approaching and that I will be alone. Later, you add: I’d like to instead rely on a man when things go wrong,. I have a few questions, Melanie. Do you have more need of a man in winter? Is a heating problem? Alternatively, are you looking for a hot water bottle? And then why would you be able to count on a man when things go wrong? You do not want a man also for when it’s going well? Melanie, what wrong? I, too, have a good full life. I am intelligent and beautiful, I have a career and I am independent. But do you think I’m looking for a woman for when it does not go? Or when it is cold in the winter? Ah yes, it’s true, you are demanding. The word is loose. You’re not the first to come out during a tryst. I heard it already. I prefer it in English, your tongue: I am picky. Because by its root, choose better it indicates that you are not so convinced by what you write above: there are plenty of things that I can control, but not the man that I fell in love. Well Yes, there, you approach the light, Melanie. No, it does not control the love. We cannot just choose and be picky as to the purchase of a car. And I do not know what are the other things that you can control in this life. Me, I controls virtually nothing since a year or two, and this is the beginning of happiness. It is also the way to love, Melanie. Forget dating sites, forget the forms where we choose the age, musical preferences, the culinary tastes of the future man of your life, forget the Brian, Brian poor who gonna scare as soon as the first date with your declarations of independence and your relational Alzheimer. Oh, there will be some Brian who will be seduced by your nebulous explanations. No doubt those who want just to take their shot. It suits them while you’re single for a long time. This reassures them. They know that they can get out of the relationship without problem. But the other Brian, those who really want to share their life with someone, you’re going to lose them from the first appointment because they will be afraid. Yes, you are single at 45 years, without children and this is normal. But you still do not know why. Or perhaps is it just what you want, without admitting it. And in this case, is please, leave quiet Brian! Have fun and bears! But if you are really looking for love, then leave your computer immediately. Love is everywhere, down to you, at the corner of the street, in the tram, in your close vicinity. You do not how the man in your life, it will jump you to the eyes as a pop up on the Internet. We just have eyes well wide open to see and accept it. But at age 45, it seems that you have not yet opened the eyes. And Melanie, this is not normal. . Extended information can be found checking article.

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-On Unlock Italy, in particular, on the provision that gives the possibility to the motorway companies to extend and revise the compute allocations and licences maybe extending the deadline, hangeth already the Eu’s flagship. There are, however, many new features in text that is awaiting the ok from the House, beginning with the construction industry. An amendment signed by the grillino Davide Crippa has lowered to 4% VAT for the renovation of the buildings. A measure that goes clearly-in conjunction with the continuation of econobonus of the law of stability-in the direction of trying to recover in full the existing building patrimony to prevent new soil consumption. Here in detail the news. Restructuring that already benefit of developing diplomatic chiefs are set to confirm the 2015 with stability (tax credits at 50% for housing recovery and 65% for energy efficiency), are reducing the VAT rate from 10 to 4 percent. The measure sees a counterweight on back: is expected to increase contrast (from 4 to 10%) for the Vat that you pay for the purchase of new buildings directly by the company. About pesa, however an annotation of the same Room technicians who have summarised the changes: the Eu rule is that States can adopt two reduced rates compared to ordinary, however not less than 5%. The Italy adopted a single reduced rate at 10% and community should assess the compatibility of introduced, i.e. 4%. It is also concerned by the arrival of an extraordinary contribution to the urban variants: mayors can cash in by 50% of the private higher value generated by the interventions on areas or buildings in urban or variant with change of intended use. Still on town planning: the simplifications fine for failure to start Communication work rises to 1. 000 euros, penalties are introduced from 2000 to 2 thousand euros in the event of non-compliance determined the order for demolition of the interventions carried out in the absence of permission to build. . Not only the VAT, personal income tax also helps the housing market. To take advantage of the personal income tax deduction of 20% of the value of a home purchased (up to 300 thousand euros) directly from the construction company, you do not need to rent to the agreed rent immobilie (eight years), as was done previously. The facility is also extended to the property subject of conservative restoration and rehabilitation, as well as those of new construction or renovation; the deduction of 20% of the purchase price of the property is also extended to interest expense dependent on loans contracted for the purchase of residential units. For the new, however, the facility is limited to unsold new buildings at the date of entry into force of the law of conversion of this Decree-Law: a clarification that serve-barring changes in the classroom-to dispose of the stock still waiting for buyers. Among other changes, in article 6 introduces an amendment for which new buildings after next July will have to be equipped with broadband, so that you can hook up to high-speed internet network. Contracts for soil protection will go forward despite requests for suspension of the Tar, which will have to overcome public safety to the single action. If you proceed with the suspension, the terms become more stringent and we come to a decision with a sort of abbreviated rite. The emergency fund can tap into 100 million not only by resources for the development and cohesion of the 2007-2013 period, but also the period 2040-2020. . Its powers are limited to the Commissioner for works such as the Naples-Bari and Palermo-Catania-Messina; greater transparency should be guaranteed by law Severino on transparency. To participate in contests, companies will have to sign the protocols on labour safety and anti-mafia infiltration. The State strengthens the guarantees for loans granted for reconstruction are sped the private intervventi to remove the subjects on which there are six months because the State provides contributions. The restoration of public buildings must give precedence to those aimed at public housing for households that are in rankings for housing. Within three months a new decree will define the national interest. On the territories of coastal Municipalities, in whose waters oil extraction takes place, there will be compensation through the destination to the mayors of resource collections with half the rates on offshore hydrocarbon production. All financial reliefs attached to Unlock Italy must be available in the form of open data. . Additional data can be inspected reading url.

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Milan, Oct. 21 (La Presse)-decisive Hours for the ‘ red shirts ‘ Sundial that today in over 400 will flood again via Flavia in Rome, under the Ministry of labour, in the expectation that any major decision is taken by the Interministerial Board opened a month ago. Meanwhile, came an unexpected and surprising support from Pope Francesco, who has called Meridian workers in public hearing tomorrow at 11 in St. Peter’s square. The Ministers wolves and Poletti, absent last Friday at the last meeting, in conjunction with the to Scaramella, the regions and the social partners, will have to decide not only the future of the second Italian airline on the brink of the tourist event of Expo 2015, but also the fate of 1634 families. The CEO Sachin has confirmed that, if within this table you will find a solution, will return on the initial layoffs, although the company has never proposed a real business plan and relaunch, expected and demanded by institutions and employees. . Extended information can be inspected clicking

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Is a manovrona. Despite advances on Christmas Eve, our included, the maneuver quickly soared in the last two weeks, before then 30 20 36 billion, even on the last day, an increase of 6 billion from start to finish of a Council of Ministers. Correspondingly, spending cuts have risen from 5 to 15 billion. Extraordinary. Although it is difficult to escape the impression not of some approximation in the speeches and especially in covers: 6 billion will not pull out of the hat in two hours. On the macro-economic plan, however, is a good maneuver. Courageous, although risky. After three years of recession, it was absurd to chase an equaliser yet with restrictive manoeuvres. We are now at the point that tax increases or spending cuts are likely to make even less sustainable public finances for the negative effects on income, not vice versa. It is therefore right that you attempt a maneuver expansive, at the risk of worsening the deficit. And it’s not just about spending some extra money; Here there is also the effort to change the expectations of traders and support trust, with structural change interventions in the labour market and the tax system. It is correct that the manoeuvre accompany structural interventions on the domestic demand side (fiscal intervention bonus families, even voluntary severance pay in payroll), structural measures on the supply side (Irap, decontribuzione cutting, new labor contracts). It’s the kind of shock that the country needed, even if it is a risky bet. The risk is not so much in Europe. The European Commission should save face and hence will definitely have problems; But even the Finnish and Latvian hawks are able to understand the consequences of a frontal clash with two major eurozone countries. And the Government has been careful to respect formally the roof of at least 3 per cent of net debt. In fact, in Italy, the Commission called for a reduction in the structural deficit of 0.7 per cent in June, estimates much more optimistic about the economic situation; in the parallel world and surreal represented by estimates of potential output, the Italy now offers a correction of 0.1 per cent. Will agree; the 3 billion reserves in the law of stability seems to be there just for that. The risk is rather in the potential rebound on interest rates on our debt, with markets nervous and junkies. On the other hand, the risk was there even while respecting the European commitments; ever seen a country with a growth rate of nominal income equal to zero and the 135 percent of GDP and public debt are enthusiastic favor markets. In addition, the Germans, taken from their internal political problems, seem to want to do everything to blow the MTOs and Qe, making it difficult for the ECB to buy debt securities of the Member countries. And as the promise of these interventions was the main reason for a strict obedience to the European rules, might as well try a new way. The risk is also the ability to respond to the economic system, which in turn also depends on the ability to make effective and credible planned interventions. If the planned cuts will not be achieved, for example, there is a risk of tax increases in the future, and this expectation alone can depress consumption and investments today. Here, frankly, there’s not much to be merry. The 4 billion cut on ministries know of déjà-vu. one year as a Commissioner to the spending review has played even-par the usual linear cuts, whose experience in the past has been unsuccessful. The interventions on local authorities and regions seem random highly; for example, you can cut a man low on provinces without having yet decided who will be the functions previously carried out by these. You impose 4 billion of cuts to the regions, pretending to believe that these can be achieved without action on health care, when the budget of the regions there remained just another. And with tax increases decided on pension funds and other annuities, you probably want to permanently kill the supplementary pensions, without much the problem of the future. We’ll See. . For more facts regarding this matter visit

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The actress and American television host Joan Rivers, hospitalized since last Thursday in New York, died, announced her family Thursday, September 4. Known for his television show Fashion police on E!, where are discussed and criticized the outfits for celebrities, she also played in Once Upon a Coffee House in 1965, the crazy history of space in 1987 or even Iron Man 3 in 2013, where it interpreted its own role in his television show. Jimi Jamison died Sunday, August 31 as a result of a heart attack, learned of the Los Angeles Times. 63 year-old Jimi Jamison has a solo career and sang in the Cobra group but it is especially Survivor that made him famous. Jimi Jamison joined the formation of Hard FM (from hard rock calibrated for radios) in 1983 while she was at its peak, including through its famous tube Eye of the tiger, commissioned by Sylvester Stallone in person and serves as a theme in the film Rocky III. One of the most emblematic Americans of the spaghetti western actors. Is particularly illustrated in the roles of Tuco in the good, the bad and the ugly Sergio Leone and the role of Calvera, the leader of the bandits in the magnificent seven by John Sturges. He died at the age of 98 after more than 60-year career on the big screen. Known in particular for his columns on Canal Plus and I-Tele, journalist Léon Mercadet is died Sunday, June 22, a dirty disease according to the expression of his former colleague, Bruce Toussaint. 64 year-old Yves Gloux (his real name) worked in current, Nova Magazine and more recently in the morning of Canal + between 2004 and 2013. Former Australian driver who died at the age of 88 years belonged to the F1 legend: three times the world champion, great Builder and great mechanic, he had not hesitated to push to hand his car to finish a Grand Prix in 1959 to win the title. It is the only one to have crowned at the wheel of a car designed by his care. He is also the first driver knighted for services to motor racing. 73-year-old MEP conservative and former Christian Democrat Premier of the Belgium succumbed to his injuries after a fall to bike in Morbihan, where he was staying. It is the European people’s Party (EPP) in which it was a member of Parliament who announced. Jean-Luc Dehaene was suffering from cancer of the pancreas, diagnostic at the beginning of the year and that it had significantly weakened. Born in Montpellier in 1940, licensed in law and Economics from the universities of Namur and Louvain, he led the Government of Belgium from 1992 to 1999. Michel Lang, author and Director of popular comedy of the late 1970s and the early 1980 that we small English, is died Thursday evening at Deauville (Calvados) at the age of 74, has announced his family Friday, April 25. To us the small English, released in 1976, was his greatest success with 5.7 million viewers. Tito Vilonava, former FC Barcelona coach, died Friday, April 25, announced the catalan club. 45 years old, he struggled for two years against cancer of the Parotid gland and was hospitalized for emergency Thursday evening. Deputy of Pep Guardiola since 2007 (first with the B team), Tito Vilanova succeeded him in the summer 2012 on the Barca bench. But he had to leave his post in July 2013 due to a deterioration in his State of health. As head coach, he has won a title of champion of Spain and was elected best coach in the Championship in 2013. The Colombian Nobel Prize in literature Gabriel García Márquez died Thursday, April 17 at his home in Mexico City. Aged 87, he was in a very fragile health at his home in Mexico City. Installed in Mexico since 1961, with periods of stay alternated in Cartagena (Colombia), Barcelona (Spain) and Havana, Garcia Marquez lived several years retired from public life and during his rare appearances had no statement to the press. The Colombian was considered to be one of the greatest writers in the history of the Spanish language literature. Iconic novelist of magical realism, he described the strangeness of real and historical situations using the wonderful. The work which earned him fame and is regarded as his masterpiece one hundred years of solitude, fantastic family fresco published in 1967 and whose international success was enormous (30 million copies in 35 languages). The writer and editor Régine Deforges died at the age of 78 at the Parisian hospital Cochin from the suites of a heart attack, announced his son Franck Spengler. Régine Deforges was a sulphurous Editor, often facing justice, before knowing the public success with the blue bicycle, adapted to television with Laetitia Casta. This saga of ten novels published by Fayard, begun in 1983 by 101, avenue Henri Martin and completed in 2007 by and when comes the end of the trip, has sold over ten million copies. Actress Shirley Temple, famous for being the first child of Hollywood star, has died at the age of 85, announced Tuesday the American media. His agent, quoted by ABC News and CNN television said she had died of causes natural Monday evening at his home in California, surrounded by his family. She starred in 40 films, most before the age of twelve, including blond curls (Curly Top) or little Princess (The Little princess). Cartoonist Aslan, real name Alain Gourdon, famous for her pin-up published by the magazine, died at the age of 83 of cardiac arrest Tuesday, February 11 in the evening to Canada where he lived for twenty years, announced his agent François Meyniel told AFP. Aslan was also sculptor: in 1968 and 1978, he made busts of Brigitte Bardot and Mireille Mathieu in Marianne for the Association of mayors of France. Ten years later, he signed two Dalida statues for the tomb of the singer and a place that bears his name in Montmartre. The legend of folk, mentor of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, died at the age of 94. He is best known in France for his song If I had year hammer, taken over by Claude François. . Additional information can be found reading page.

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#11 @ AAA000 who can not afford the works of this type is the Espa ol. Who says Calatrava says about costs for a construction poor n, or corrupci n pol tica which Calatrava will surely increase your personal account. I don’t think that you can associate the corrupci n pol tica to Calatrava m than any other architect espa ol. What is amazing is that in Spain between 1990 and 2010 by fixing dates approximate was no town espa wave that has not allowed for any service sumptuous buildings, disproportionate to our situation econ mica in those times and today, all these works a hundred has not signed them Calatrava, gives me the same few courts that an airportan auditorium or a museum,. I said hundreds, quiz s I’m short. A rebirth in a bubble that is what has been, Calatrava is one m s, an architect m s artist or sculptor, engineer no doubt but one m s and very good. The n corrupci was and continues on who they – have hired them, as the toreros or singers – have your cach, who wants to pay it. NY wants to and can (seem to). . Additional data can be read checking

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To make Italy a bit more attractive to foreign investors but also to help our businesses to seek new markets abroad, the register from now on "speak" in English. A few days ago certificates and certified surveys have joined their Italian version also in English: anyone who needs to can ask official documents the companies register of the Chambers of Commerce in both languages. The goal is to encourage investors and export the project envisaged by Decree Italy Target aims to facilitate the lives of foreign investors who want to bet on Italy, but on the other he wants to facilitate Italian companies engaged in export-import activities which from now on will have already prepared the required documentation from the foreign authorities. In short both in cost savings and time since the possibility of obtaining a certificate in English language at the counter in the Chamber of Commerce or on the portal registroimprese. it will be immediate. Also the use of the certificate in English at a foreign State will be exempt from stamp duty. In the wake of the certificate, then the English version also debuted for the Chamber of Commerce, favouring in this way even more access to the information contained in the register of undertakings to a foreign operator wanted to know the legal situation and major economic information of an Italian company. An app to verify documents an extra element ahead of new certificates in English is the presence on the first page of the ‘ QR Code ‘ shall mean the identification code of the official documents of the Chambers of Commerce. As well as the Chamber of Commerce, thanks to the ‘ QR Code ‘ anyone can verify, directly from smartphones and tablets, the correspondence between the document in his possession and that filed by the Companies Registry at the time of the search. Read the identification code is via the app «RI QR Code», created by InfoCamere-the company that operates the information assets of the Chambers of Commerce-and free to download from the main store or from Chambers of Commerce Portal registroimprese. it. «Defined by the digital administration code as one of the databases of national interest, the business register, economic transparency tool, thanks to the introduction of certificates and certified surveys in English, will provide new impetus to the process of internationalization of Italian firms and make more fluid relations with foreign economies, "says a note released by Unioncamere. . Main data could be found reading this

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Soothing blue lights will be installed at British railway stations in the hope of stopping the increasing number of suicides. The Network Rail, the British company that operates as an infrastructure manager of British railway lines, is studying a series of alternatives in order to put an end to that you are taking the characters in an emergency. Among other things you are studying the sensors that warn when people reach some areas of stations such as the edge of the platform by turning on the lights and a recorded message. The idea of equipping the stations of light we can define antisuicidio came by looking at the increasing incidence of suicide in the past on the rail network. There were in fact, according to official data, ben suicide or suspicious suicides 279 on the railway network between 2013 and the beginning of 2014, an increase from the previous year and the highest number ever recorded. Also the number of suicides occurred on the railway network has increased in proportion to the total suicides. "We want to do everything we can to stop this from happening and we do this to help people," said the Director of the suicide prevention Network Rail, Ian Stevens. The idea, however, is not entirely new, in fact blue lights "antisuicidio" have already been installed by Japan Railway, in some stations in Japan. The idea of course in this case is the ability to fight the numerous cases of suicides that occur each year in Japan. To this end were therefore used in led stations emanating soft blue light. The choice of blue is due to the fact that according to some studies this color can calm and relax people. . For additional data about this matter click