Donbass/elections: the position of the EU devoid of logic (Russian diplomat).2014.10.31. // Uncategorized

The position of the European Union on the elections Sunday in the Donetsk and Lugansk popular republics lack logic, said Friday the representative of Russia to the European Union Vladimir Tchijov.    Their attitude [the EU] to elections made by the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and security policy Catherine Ashton. She has clearly stated that the European Union does not recognize these elections and may consider illegitimate, because they run counter to the Ukrainian legislation. I find this inconsistent position, especially given that this statement refers to the Protocol of Minsk, said Mr. Tchijov in an interview with the TV channel Rossiya 24.    According to the diplomat, the essence of the agreements – September 5 protocol and the memorandum of September 19 – concluded in Minsk by the parties to the conflict under the mediation of the Russia and the OSCE is precisely to encourage de-escalation of the situation and promote a settlement policy.    There is no today dispute the thesis that the settlement of the conflict in the East of the Ukraine cannot be political. The road towards the political settlement through negotiations. It is negotiations between individuals, officials enjoying powers and uncontested legitimacy, even in their regions. This is the reason why the Russia acknowledged the elections held on 26 October in Ukraine, despite all the deficiencies, said the Russian Ambassador to the EU.    On 2 November, popular Soviet of Donetsk and Lugansk residents go to the polls to elect governments and regional parliaments. Kiev called these elections illegitimate. The EU also refuses to recognize them because they go against the agreements of Minsk in the Donbass.    Moscow considers for its part that the artificial interpretation of agreements hinders the regulation in Ukraine, and expresses its readiness to recognize the election results. . You should click the following link to learn more on this amazing matter.

Ast Terni: Dear Landini, with Radio there was nothing to laugh (and you know).2014.10.31. // Uncategorized

Dear Landini, I reckon you and not what I can say to many politicians and trade unionists. I find that Wednesday, in the square, for the first time in many years, the Italian left have seen in action a credible political leader, able to generate membership. I know you prefer to trade unionist, we called him several times and I understand, but I also know that in these times of gloomy (not) single thought constructive opposition but strict people like you is as meritorious as required (also applies to 5 Stars, often praiseworthy but I don’t shave are capable as anyone to grind down the zebedeithe harakiri internal feuds and cyclical that we really don’t care anything. Much less now). If there is a future of the left in Italy, cannot prescind from Landini (while no matter how must by Vendola). For this reason, even publicly, on Wednesday to thank the Landini, rightfully pissed off and commendably near that part of the country that apparently did not affect more than anyone. But precisely for this reason, with sincerity that it deserves and deserve, I haven’t found much comforting that feeling from tarallucci and wine and "famous du ‘ Twine" that seemed (I say "seemed") characterize the meeting yesterday with the Government. Renzi is not good at anything, if not sell smoke and basket, dancing ,. next: that meeting only needed to break away from fights and download the responsibilities on the otherwise ingenious Alfano (whose Radio a year ago she wanted to resign: How does it change to not die, indeed to seize power). Politically, the meeting served to nothing, because the Jobs Act will not changed one iota. And if it is then true that the meetings you must go, even more if you are trade unionists, it is equally true that chuckle (one day after the beatings) was not a nice message. Or rather: it was, but for Renzi, who used media Landini (and this is not the first time). Renzi, with the usual mode "cazzaro Berlusconi mode on", has even made jokes. Dialogue with the Executive Fiom Rosario Rappa, came out battered and with 5 stitches for the police charges, made his debut as well (Salvatore Cannavò today tells the fact): "come here, I do see the points in the lead. Indeed, make them see Delrio which is doctor, HA HA HA ". Who knows when they will understand, as the renziani, that there really is nothing to laugh about. You, Maurice, that there is nothing to laugh you know very well. So forgive me if, like many, I prefer the Landini and iconoclast on Wednesday that slightly embarrassed and unnecessarily Thursday smiling: If you do, you fooled the last pillars of resistance and opposition to the generalized drunkenness, then yes that the dictatorship of the big PC bischeri mannari will no longer have levees. And everything will happen, first of all the rubble. . You must visit this to learn extra regarding this amazing subject.

Basketball: Paris-Levallois wants out of crisis, clash in Strasbourg.2014.10.31. // Uncategorized

Paris – Levallois, which passes through a period of turbulence, must be fall the Asvel armada for health Friday in advanced match of the day 6th of ProA’s basketball, marked by the clash at the Summit Strasbourg-Limoges. The P – L stays on a series of three defeats in the League and again caught the feet in carpet in EuroCup during the rout in Bamberg (55-81) Wednesday. This difficult phase sportingly accompanied recently has problems with the indictment of its president Jean-Pierre Aubry (for complicity in corruption of external affairs at the club). The Franciliens will not have it easy at the Halle Carpentier against Asvel aimed a second victory in a row after a disappointing debut. Conversely, Strasbourg, undefeated leader of the Championship, sees life in pink. With its waterproof defence and an Ali Traoré in great shape, the Alsatian team has achieved so far a both perfect course in France on the European scene. Buoyed by its international pivot (16 points in 16 minutes), Sig has signed a third win in three games on the floor of Reggio Emilia (66-59) Tuesday in EuroCup. In ProA, Vincent Collet men had previously well negotiated a trip trap in le Havre (72-59), where Limoges had just broken teeth (79-85), suffering his first setback of the season in the League. The Limougeauds responded well by dominating the Cedevita Zagreb in Euroleague (71-60) and by spraying, Monday to Beaublanc, Orleans (102-66), the penultimate of the ProA. But Léo Westermann and its partners will now have to manage a period well loaded with four consecutive moves in ten days. After Malaga Euroleague Friday night, then in Strasbourg, they consecutively with Berlin and Nanterre, with whom they share second place in the Championship of France. Program: Friday:(20h30) Paris-Levallois – VilleurbanneSamedi:(20h00) Boulogne-sur-Mer – Châlons-sur-Saône Châlons-Reims – Le Mans Nancy – Orleans Cholet – Pau-Orthez Havre – Dijon Rouen – NanterreLundi:(20h30) Strasbourg – LimogesMardi:(20h50)-en-Bresse – Gravelines. For additional on this matter read

Unemployment, Istat: record to 12.6%. The rate among young people is at 42.9%.2014.10.31. // Uncategorized

Ever so many unemployed in Italy since 2004. Are 3.2 million, more than 48,000 in August (+1.5%) and 58 thousand more (equivalent to an increase of 1.8%) compared to a year ago. Istat, which has spread the labour market data are updated at the end of September, finds that the number of people unemployed is the highest since the beginning of the time series (2004, in fact). The unemployment rate stands at 12.6%, the 0.1% more than the month before. This is a record level, but has already reached several times during this year. And worsens a lot, compared to the same period in 2013, the situation of young people between 15 and 24 years: for them the rate stood at 42.9%, rising by as much as 1.9 points, although the comparison with the month of August is positive because it does mark a drop of 0.8 percent. Back to the absolute numbers, in September employment were 22.45 million, an increase of 82mila units on August 130mila and on an annual basis (+0.4 and +0.6 respectively). No contradiction with the parallel increase of the unemployed: behind, says the Institute of statistics, there are increasing participation in the labour market and the decline of people idle. How to tell who in the past had given up looking for a job (and was thus listed among the inactive) you are riaffacciando on the market. Going, depending on the circumstances, to enlarge the ranks of the employed or the unemployed. The number of inactive people (neither at work nor seeking employment) between 15 and 64 years decreases of 0.9% compared to the previous month and 2.1 percent compared to September 2013. The inactivity rate of 35.9% 0.3 percentage points haul in economic terms and 0.7 points year-on-year.  The unemployment rate among young people is in September to 42.9% in decrease of 0.8 points compared to August but up 1.9 points compared to September 2013. The unemployed between 15 and 24 years are 698mila. Is unemployed the 11.7% of the total population in this age group. . You should read the following source to learn more regarding this great subject.

Interview with C/O founder Stephan Erfurt: we got a new perspective on photography.2014.10.31. // Uncategorized

At last! The photo Forum C/O Berlin is back! It opened their new rooms in the former Amerika Haus at the train station Zoo: fanciest 1950s architecture with trendy of Orange Blue mosaic facade and stairs inside, everything bright and freshly renovated. And the best: it has 2300 square feet of space for photographic exhibitions – more than at the point of origin in the old Postfuhramt. The opening was a giant party and four exhibitions. The star said advance with C/O founder Stephan Erfurt. In 2000, they founded with the designer Marc Naroska and architect Ingo Pott C/O the old Postfuhramt Berlin. Today, it is the largest exhibition venue for contemporary photography. But the beginning was not easy. In the early years, we had only 25 visitors, of which ten were paying the discounted admission on some weekends. I’ve kept the cash register rolls of yesteryear: there was daily takings of 19.90 euros. To persevere and always to believe, that the idea was a tough piece of work. You continue anyway – with shows by Robert Mapplethorpe on Nan Goldin to Anton Corbijn fortunately continued to improve always. With the exhibition of Annie Leibovitz, C/O Berlin wrote a black zero 2009 for the first time. Last winter, we had 100 000 visitors, who gave their money also in the surrounding cafés, restaurants and shops. We were an economic factor in Berlin-Mitte. Still, you had to pull away from Center. In our old neighbourhood, everything that stood for Berlin disappeared gradually: the scientist, the telegraph office and at the end also the Postfuhramt. The freedom became less and less. When we founded C/O, the Postfuhramt vacancy, which was very appealing. Where one has been an old gym on the first floor and a club with domed Hall under the umbrella? But in the long term that would have been nothing for us. The Postfuhramt was floundering, there was no air conditioning. A large renovation of several million was needed, we could never afford that. Now moved C/O Berlin in the West and has opened its new headquarters just with a big party and four exhibitions: in the 1957-built former Amerika Haus at the railway station Zoo. Why not more in the hip mid? The America House fits perfectly: central location, close to the University, linking with the two other most important centres for photography – the Helmut Newton Foundation and the Museum of photography in the Städtischer. We have a café and a bookshop. This can be a great, lively meeting place. C/O Berlin, Harde mountain str. 22-24 opening exhibitions: Magnum. Contact sheets, Will McBride: I was in love with this city, picture yourself. In the photo booths with Magnum and work on the myth. 30 talents. Inspirational facts could be studied visiting this

DAS Traumhotel: Kubitschek cinematic final act.2014.10.30. // Uncategorized

The Kubitschek living in the Switzerland to Lake Constance said this is a development which itself has initiated long, in a conversation a few weeks ago with the News Agency dpa. Actually, I had decided three years ago, would only have to stay at home and paint. Offerings to the movie wife Ella (2013) and the last episode of the ARD series the dream hotel, which leads to Morocco, had become they weak. For my birthday I decided in August to fall again, said the actress who was born in 1931 in North Bohemia, who made her debut in the 1950s at the Stadttheater in Halle (Saale) in Bertolt Brecht’s Herr Puntila and his Man Matti. I find, with 83, one can really say it was great. She want not to die on the stage, but was looking forward to a new development, that have to do with creative independence. All alone with my father I have managed a court 1945-46 after escaping in the later German Democratic Republic. I brought the plough – severely wounded – could go in any rut. I have produced my educational pieces, which my father has given me in the evening to read. The village had to my performances look at then, remembers the star, who has studied acting in Halle and Weimar and finds Captain heavy Rose Bernd at the theatre in Schwerin as a most important role. And what would young people–colleagues Kubitschek or not – on the way today with give? Actor should learn best a second profession, to have an extra income, the actress, who is in a relationship with the dream ship producer Wolfgang Rademann (79) and emerged from their marriage with the Berlin Opera Director Götz Friedrich (1930-2000) her son Alexander replies. But it is most important to find out who one is and which main task it has on Earth. In addition to his profession is also human. You must meet this man being – with decency, responsibility and positive thoughts. . For more insights on this topic visit url.

Mexico: discovery of the bodies of three brothers and sister Americans.2014.10.30. // Uncategorized

The bodies of three brothers and sister Mexican Americans, ages 21 to 26, were discovered in Tamaulipas, in the northeast of Mexico, after their abduction by an armed group, said the regional prosecutor’s Office Thursday. Removed more than 15 days ago victims, two men and a woman, were identified by their father despite the poor condition of the body, said on a local radio the Attorney of Tamaulipas, Ismael Quintanilla. We are able to say that these are young people, confirmed Mr. Quintanilla on Radio Formula. The bodies were discovered Wednesday near Matamoros border with Brownsville, in the United States (Texas), town on the side of a fourth corpse, continued Mr. Quintanilla. Erica Alvarado Rivera, 26 years, and his brothers Alex, 22 years old, and José Angel, 21 years old, lived in Progreso, Texas, and had come to visit their father. Parents reported that their children had been kidnapped by gunmen in the town of Control, to the West of Matamoros on 13 October. The mother, Raquel Alvarado, said that the armed men were members of the escort of the Mayor of the city of Matamoros, Leticia Salazar. The Prosecutor stated that nine bodyguards of Ms. Salazar had been called to submit to justice. You can click this homepage to read more on this amazing subject.

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The new general director of Total, Patrick Pouyanné, promised Thursday continuity and stability at the head of the french oil group while a second air traffic controller was charged in Russia as part of the investigation into the fatal to Christophe de Margerie plane crash last week. My aim is mainly the continuity and stability, said Mr. Pouyanné at the Oil & Money conference in London, which was his first public speech since taking office at the head of the largest French company. We are a solid company, sharp, thanks to all of his staff which was evidence of a large union sacred in the last days. (. . . ) Continue and we will continue towards the success that wanted to Christophe de Margerie, said to a group of reporters on the sidelines of the conference. Patrick Pouyanné was named general manager last week of the Group and it will become CEO next year when the retirement of Thierry Desmarest. This tandem replaces Christophe de Margerie, died on 20 October in the crash of his private plane with a snowplow at Moscow Vnukovo airport. Become a business of 100. 000 people, it’s not easy (,.) I would not have imagined can do a day without (Christophe de Margerie) is at my side, acknowledged Mr. Pouyanné, who did not hide his emotion before the sudden disappearance of those with whom he worked for 12 years. It was my first public appearance since my taking office. If I was able to respond today as I did it, it is thanks to Christophe, he concluded at the end of his speech with a sob in the voice. The new boss of Total spoke the last day by Christophe de Margerie, during which he met with the Russian authorities. It has passed messages on the commitment of Total towards the Russia, on the fact that he wished to continue in Russia and at the same time there is a framework of sanctions that we should respect but that we were in Russia for the long term, detailed Mr. Pouyanné. The new boss of Total said share the position of Christophe de Margerie on sanctions, that latter deemed unfair and unproductive and the result of a failure of diplomacy. The Russia is a key for Total country, which is present in the country since 1991 and there was last year a production of slightly more than 200. 000 barrels oil equivalent per day. The french oil group there is Russian producer Novatek, as well as Chinese CNPC, in the project associated Yamal LNG by construction of a giant plant for liquefaction of natural gas in Siberia. Total is also associated with Gazprom in the project of the gas giant deposit of Shtokman, in Barents Sea, for which the two groups seek a cost-effective solution to exploitation. -New charges in Russia-L’intervention of Mr. Pouyanné occurred the day of the indictment in Russia of a second air traffic controller, for violations of safety rules in the context of the investigation into the deadly crash of the aircraft from Christophe de Margerie on 20 October. The air traffic controller Alexandre Krouglov, charged with violation of safety rules causing death by carelessness of two or more persons, was charged today. He is currently in custody, announced the Russian investigative Committee in a press release. His indictment comes in the aftermath of the trainee heaven aiguilleuse Svetlana Krivsoune, responsible of the aircraft, which operated under the supervision of Mr. Krouglov. If their guilt is proven, they risk up to five years in prison, each according to the Russian law. The Russian justice has already remanded in custody the driver of the plow that had investigators 0.6 grams of alcohol per litre of blood at the time of the accident, as well as the head of track cleaners. The accident also caused the death of two pilots and a stewardess. . For additional facts about this matter visit link.

The boss of Apple, Tim Cook, is his coming out.2014.10.30. // Uncategorized

The suffering of gays? Homosexuality is widely accepted in our Western society,. I do not see the interest to publish an announcement of this kind,. unless this is another form of promotion of Apple. Then, if the fact of having experienced these difficulties made him more humanist precisely towards his compatriots,. Remarks made by Steve Jobs in 2002: why not make the iPhones in the United States? Answer: Unable to relocate these jobs. Not only the salaries of employees are cheaper in China than in the United States, but especially the Rosary of plants available overseas with the flexibility, speed and industrial foreign workers skills exceed widely their U.S. counterparts, to the point that the Made In America is more an option for the majority of Apple products. At one time, the company felt compelled to support American workers even if it wasn’t the best choice financially speaking. It is finished. The benefit and effectiveness have replaced the generosity that perhaps is a new way to redeem the image of the mark,. Hoping strongly that this past post not within 2 hours or is simply censored. . Similar text can be found reading article.

The computer’s paradise: Paradise has changed!2014.10.30. // Uncategorized

From the outset, the title and summary had made me want to read it and I was not disappointed. Very easy to read and understand, I finished it in a week (by reading regularly). I really liked the idea of paradise author transmitted us from the first pages with the counters, the waiting rooms, as in an airport. The airport really symbolizes the idea of waiting before boarding for future destinations, including the paradise for those elected. The main character is Simon Laroche is really someone tying, we never get tired of him. We share her story from the beginning of the book even if we don’t understand right away that he’s the person who is deceased and waiting in the room. One cannot help but wonder if he will escape with this controversy around him because of the sexist and homophobic remarks he made before the interview, if it will be able to access paradise despite his past mistakes. The game has created the author from paradise to the real world was really one of the best plots of the novel. I was captivated until the end of the novel although I must confess that the end proves to be quite simple and even a little disappointing! You must click the following reference to read extra about this amazing subject.